A few questions re spaying after care

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PollyIndia Mon 23-Sep-19 17:54:10

Hi all
My little 11 month old rescue mutt is being spayed tomorrow - the guilt! I know I am doing the right thing, but so worried about her.
Anyway, I want to make sure she's as comfortable as possible after and had a few questions.
Currently she sleeps in the kitchen on a comfy bed when I go out - I close the other doors and there is a stair gate at the bottom of the stairs. Is this ok for her post op in the daytime? Should I get puppy pads for the bed or are they usually ok to pop out? I'm dropping her at 830am tomorrow.
She sleeps in my room in a crate. She's small, so would be easy to carry upstairs for bedtime. Does this sound ok, or should I bring her crate downstairs? I'd prefer not to as I'd have to sleep down here too, and it was very uncomfortable that first 3 nights I did it when she arrived!
Any other tips? I've got chicken and rice to offer her and I'll be around for the first 24 hours, and then just pop out for a bit. Luckily I work for myself so I can do that. Thank you for any tips!

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CacenCrunch Mon 23-Sep-19 18:32:06

The only thing my Jack Russell had trouble with was getting in and out of the door (to outside), as she would catch the collar on the bottom of the frame. Apart from that, keep the usual routine with maybe a bit more fuss if she is feeling sorry for herself

CacenCrunch Mon 23-Sep-19 18:33:06

So I lifted her in/out should have mentioned

PollyIndia Mon 23-Sep-19 18:37:47

Ok, that doesn't sound as bad as I feared CacenCrunch, thanks. So ok to carry her up to bed you think?

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CacenCrunch Mon 23-Sep-19 18:48:34

Yes just pick her up gently obviously as she will be sore. They should give her some painkillers though hopefully. If they give you tablets put them in a bit of butter to get her to eat it if she's not keen. Hope it goes ok

PollyIndia Mon 23-Sep-19 19:12:21

Thank you. I've just bought her an inflatable neck thing and a babygro as an alternative to the cone thing. Fingers crossed! x

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xTinkerbell Tue 24-Sep-19 19:36:34

We didn't us the cone, just tied old tshirts on our girl and it worked okay. Picking her up will be okay as long as you're careful. We have stairs at our front door so my partner carried our girl outside when she needed out. We had a few issues getting her to drink the next day and had to use a syringe once or twice to give her water before she started drinking properly.


Stellaris22 Tue 24-Sep-19 20:44:22

We carried ours up and downstairs, strictly on lead everywhere for a week, even in the garden when just going to the toilet. We weren't given extra painkillers as they weren't necessary, she had a painkiller injection which lasted about 24 hours. She grumbled a bit first night but was her usual self the following morning, but she's always been great so we knew it would be routine for her.

PollyIndia Wed 25-Sep-19 10:54:23

Last night she was up and crying at 345am, and did go into the garden for a wee but then couldn't settle (kept jumping on the bed and ran downstairs - luckily her stitches seem ok) so we came downstairs and I snoozed on the sofa a bit with her in her bed next to me on the floor. She is ok today - she ate her chicken and rice in bone broth earlier, but I haven't seen her have a drink yet today. Maybe I should get a syringe as you suggest tinker bell. I've not done the cone or the medical jacket thing yet as she's only tried to lick a couple of times and I'v stopped her, but I'll try the jacket when it arrives today so hopefully it will stop her licking when we sleep tonight. She is a bit frantic sometimes, running around in an anxious way. Guess that is the pain. Poor little thing sad

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LimeJellyHead Wed 20-Nov-19 11:29:21

Suitical (by Medical Pet shirt) is perfect for after neutering smile

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