boar bones

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ShootsFruitAndLeaves Sun 22-Sep-19 15:45:59

what should I do with these?

I got meat, bones and offal

they are wild so it's possible they have some sort of parasites or whatever?

I have minced up the meat and fried it, don't think you can mince offal so I'm just chopping and frying that.

should I boil the bones briefly?

also do they need any vegetables? I'm just giving them steamed rice with egg/canned sardines/boar normally. they usually have a bit of banana/yogurt smoothie in the morning (they do like bananas)

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 23-Sep-19 09:27:55

I'm not sure what the rules are for butchering boar, but I know that with deer, the carcass has to be checked when it's gralloched for signs of parasites and eg TB, and anybody butchering would keep an eye as they go along. Our dogs get a lot of venison leftovers - silver, chewy meat and bones. We don't cook any of it for them.

But boar are pigs and pigs have some weird-ass parasites, so if I were you I'd Google to see if there is any guidance.

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