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xTinkerbell Sun 22-Sep-19 13:32:27

My girl has just been prescribed Appoquel for probable allergies (haven't tested to see what allergies she has but swabs of ears showed yeast in her ears).

Our insurance probably isn't going to cover it (changed policies in July) after being told her 2 previous ear infections were isolated incidents and bad luck. Obviously now we know that they are probably caused by her allergies. Anyway it's fine, we are happy to pay for treatment she needs ourselves.

However, I am a little wary of Appoquel after some of what I've read. Has anyone used it? How long for and how did you find it?

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MarleyMooChick Sun 22-Sep-19 16:44:22

My dog has been on Apoquel since May as her skin on her feet became very pink and itchy at the end of April. It has worked well for her and her skin looks fine and fur has grown back on her feet. She will be stopping in November to see is allergy is seasonal or not. Vet thinks it's probably due to some sort of tree/plant pollen, as allergy is limited to her feet and If allergy returns then testing will be done to find the allergen for desensitisation.
One thing I learnt was to give her the Apoquel at the same time each day, which I do with her breakfast. If I forgot & gave later in the day she would have a flare up that evening.
Vet spoke to the company & apparently the drug only stays in the body for 21 hours, so now religiously give it with her breakfast and no further flare ups.

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