Mystery illness

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Andiwilltrytofixyou Sat 21-Sep-19 08:16:50

My boy is very poorly.

He's a 4 year old GSD and until Saturday (last week) he was fit and well.

Suddenly he started displaying symptoms of lethargy and lameness in his back (he can walk and hold his weight but struggles to get up). Rushed him to emergency vets, they suspected hip injury and treated with pain killers / anti inflammatory.

He continued to get worse, disorientated and confused on Sunday. Back at my vets on Monday where urine test came back clear and temperature was at the top end of normal range, the suspected lower back pain and sent us home with metacam.

He was less confused now, still eating and drinking, but obviously not right, he's so quiet and lethargic. Monday night he develops facial swelling and by morning his legs are swollen too (I've been up every night with him just napping when he does).

Goes back to vets for xrays and ultrasound, has also had his bloods done a couple of times by now... all normal nothing odd in results of anything.

Start him on antihistamine and antibiotics. Swelling starts to go down.

Still obviously in pain with his back (later suggested this could have been abdominal pain?). Still lethargic. Now stops eating and starts vomiting several times an hour.

He's at a specialist hospital now. The swelling is back, they think his stomach has stopped "processing" and it is very inflamed and keeps filling with liquid. Every inch of him has been scanned.

No one knows what's wrong. He's on a drip, getting fluid and antibiotics. The vets where he is are great, but stumped. I feel they are preparing me for the worst.

How do I give up on my young fit dog without knowing what we're are dealing with? On the other hand he's (when he's well) an anxious dog, and this will all be so traumatic for him, and he's suffering.

I feel so bad, I'm letting him down, but if there is nothing the experts can do, what can I do, other than make it stop.

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RedHelenB Sat 21-Sep-19 10:23:48

I haven't a clue as to what the matter is but you're doing your best for him and that's all you can do. Paws crossed he recovers.

yetwig Sun 22-Sep-19 12:02:11

I'm sorry to hear your dogs unwell, have they tested for Lymes or lung worm? Has he been anywhere he could have got hold of posion?

Fingers crossed for your boy x

Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Mon 23-Sep-19 19:47:48

How’s it going. ?

Andiwilltrytofixyou Tue 24-Sep-19 08:03:17

He's still at the specialist.

No diagnosis though :-(

He's eating now which is good. Still getting facial swelling which comes and goes

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BiteyShark Tue 24-Sep-19 08:24:57

Poor thing. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and back home.

Fortheloveofscience Tue 24-Sep-19 08:32:05

Oh poor boy, can’t imagine how worrying that must be.

I’ve no idea really but have they considered something neurological? For it to simultaneously affect his back legs, face, stomach and cause confusion brain was the only thing I could think of (other than things like systemic infections which would show on bloods).

Fingers crossed you have some answers soon flowers.


stayathomegardener Tue 24-Sep-19 08:46:07

Can you see if there if a breed specific health group on Facebook? There is one for whippet ailments which has been amazing for help and advice.
It's awful though sick dogs 😢

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