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Helen561 Thu 19-Sep-19 18:16:53

Has anyone been to crufts and discover dogs and know what the difference between the shopping is the lists online it seems there isn’t as much as crufts I only go purely for the shopping and discover dogs is closer to me but should I just wait for crufts ? Thanks

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Jouska Thu 19-Sep-19 19:26:10

Much more shopping at Crufts

Helen561 Thu 19-Sep-19 20:06:05

Thank you

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LochJessMonster Fri 20-Sep-19 10:32:15

Crufts every time!

Helen561 Fri 20-Sep-19 10:59:11

I’ll wait and continue saving for crufts I think 😁 thank you

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confusedandemployed Fri 20-Sep-19 11:03:10

Loads more shopping at Crufts but it's HUUUUUGE. I went this year and covered maybe 15% of the floor space. When I went to DD I did plenty shopping and spent much more time with the dogs, rather than traipsing up and down the NEC.
That said, Crufts was brill too.

LochJessMonster Fri 20-Sep-19 11:25:34

You definitely need more than 1 day at Crufts if you want to see all the dogs, the shows, displays and look round the stalls.

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