My dog is dying please talk to me

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thewildrose Wed 18-Sep-19 17:16:36

Ruby is 11. She has a gum infection that's getting worse. Antibiotics didn't help. I don't know what to do with her, I love her so much. How can I make her last day better and happier? She's just sat with me on the sofa now (farting like there's no tomorrow) and I want to do something to make her last day better.

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UrsulaPandress Wed 18-Sep-19 17:18:17

Sending hugs. She will be happy just being with you.

Lost my boy on 9th September and I am heartbroken.

bengalcat Wed 18-Sep-19 17:20:10

So sorry . Presume she’s seen a vet ? What do they say ?

dudsville Wed 18-Sep-19 17:23:38

You poor things. You said gum disease, so it's a special treat, like a burger, out of the question? Does she have the energy to go on her favourite walk or play favourite games? It's heartbreaking. I hope you can make it nice for her, and you. When my last one died it was so quick. No warning. She was ill the day before, lost appetite, lost ability to toilet. Got to the vet 1st thing. She never came home. I didn't get to do things with her like above, but I remember sitting up with her, that night, the cuddles. It was just as special. At the very least you can love her well, and isn't this what we all want?

MissLadyM Wed 18-Sep-19 17:23:43

Oh my heart is bleeding for you. Just hug and love her. Death of a pet is horrific pain. I'm sorry x

Honeyroar Wed 18-Sep-19 17:25:24

I lost my favourite ever dog on Monday (PTS). We knew for a few days that it was coming. We went to the river, we had bacon butties, he had a long lie in on my bed on Sunday without the other dogs being allowed upstairs, he had fresh blankets every night for the last two days (for some reason he loved newly clean blankets), he had a huge bone upstairs in my bedroom while I dried my hair on the morning he was PTS (and he got hair dried too, despite not being wet, because he loved the hairdryer!). And more than anything he got SOOO much fuss and cuddles and was told how special he was. I take comfort in the fact that we did everything he loved in his last few days and did the right thing when we had to!

SpangledBoots Wed 18-Sep-19 17:25:40

I'm so sorry. Let her do everything she's not been allowed to.


Veterinari Wed 18-Sep-19 17:29:16

I’m sorry to hear that your dog is unwell sad Has she received veterinary attention?
Dogs do not die of gum disease - it’s entirely treatable so whilst I don’t want to upset you further, if you can provide more info we may be able to help.
Has she had any treatment? Painkillers or antibiotics?

ChessIsASport Wed 18-Sep-19 17:30:49

Poor little thing. I bet being on the sofa with you is exactly where she would want to be. I’m so sorry. x

thewildrose Wed 18-Sep-19 18:56:44

I'm letting her sleep on the bed with me tonight. I feel impossibly broken. Husband doesn't get it, I had her before I had him 😂 she's my gorgeous girl:

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thewildrose Wed 18-Sep-19 18:59:40

Yes been to vets. I'm in contact with them now. They're very good. I think it just went to her brain? I want there to be something I can do. The boys don't know what to do either. This is heartbreaking.

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Kaykay06 Wed 18-Sep-19 19:00:08

Goodness am crying reading this, my dog Hugh is 11, and his back legs are a bit off and there is something a bit off about him, vet says he’s ok but I’m worried and I can’t think about death without getting in a state.

Sending lots of love to you and hope Ruby is comfortable and knows she’s loved and cherished
flowers thinking of you

Veterinari Wed 18-Sep-19 22:03:08

So has she been diagnosed with sepsis? It’s incredibly unusual for gun disease to migrate to the brain but systemic infections can occur - had she ever had dental treatment/teeth cleaning? Does she have any pain relief?
If she's Dying and you can’t treat her then the kindest thing would be to euthanise her - natural deaths are often long and involve dehydration and organ failure sad unless you have access to effective palliative medications, euthanasia is often a better welfare choice

thewildrose Wed 18-Sep-19 22:37:34

No. I know I'm selfish. I didn't have enough money and I know it sounds shit. My girl is cuddling up to me on the sofa. She's in pain I know and the vets have given me something for her. She won't take it 😂 she won't eat. Sepsis is what I was thinking. Horrible on all accounts. She's gone loopy. Ah bless her I can't complain.

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Els1e Thu 19-Sep-19 00:03:52

Oh god, I don’t know what to say. Just hug each other and then do the best thing for the best of both of you. Keep your girl comfortable. Big hugs for you both. 💐

Veterinari Thu 19-Sep-19 04:56:08


Please take her to the vet.
She’s in pain, she needs putting to sleep. Vets will do that regardless of your financial situation. You can work out the finances later. Leaving her to suffer is not reasonable

Fairylea Thu 19-Sep-19 05:08:15

If she is suffering she needs to be taken to the vets to be put to sleep.

BiteyShark Thu 19-Sep-19 07:14:58

* She's in pain I know and the vets have given me something for her. She won't take it* 😂* she won't eat. Sepsis is what I was thinking. Horrible on all accounts. She's gone loopy.*

Don't leave her in pain sad. Take her back to the vets.

Cockw0mble Thu 19-Sep-19 07:36:22

Your dog is suffering. She has a treatable problem (gum infection) - you do not know if it is systemic. Take her to the vet and get the up to date diagnosis and treat accordingly. If it is sepsis, and she is dying, do the decent thing and put her out of her misery

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Thu 19-Sep-19 07:42:14

So are you saying you don't know what's wrong and she is being left in pain because you can't afford to have her pts?
I'm sorry this is happening but it sounds a bit odd.

Motorina Thu 19-Sep-19 07:48:03

Have you investigated the PDSA, who provide free/discounted vet care?

missbattenburg Thu 19-Sep-19 08:37:37

If she won't take oral painkillers there are other options that could make her more comfortable.

Leaving a dog to suffer without adequate medical care is not love, no matter how many tears are shed.

UrsulaPandress Thu 19-Sep-19 08:56:19

I used to squirt liquid painkiller with a syringe.

Please don’t let her suffer.

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Thu 19-Sep-19 08:57:49

Please get her to the vet.

HairyDogsOfThigh Thu 19-Sep-19 10:44:16

What does the vet say? The vet would not send her home to die of sepsis. She should either be receiving treatment for the infection, or the vet should advise putting her down to end her suffering. Please go back to the vet now to discuss treatment. If finances are causing you a problem, discuss this with the vet, but they have a duty of care to not let your dog suffer more than it already has.
I'm sorry you are losing your dog, but please don't let her suffer.

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