Really worried about a routine dental appointment

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MrsRufusdog789 Tue 17-Sep-19 16:03:40

All very helpful positive and supportive messages . Thank you . When you are up to your ears you can't think straight and you have made me get things in perspective . All proof that people who love dogs are also very special - thank you .

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Herocomplex Tue 17-Sep-19 15:07:47

You seem to be looking after everyone else and I’m wondering who is taking care of you OP?

Sometimes it’s important to make sure you’re getting what you need, a bit of love and support from time to time.

It sounds like you’ve done a great job with your dog, hopefully you’ll find a way to help him feel calmer, but it sounds like he’s getting excellent care.

💐 for you.

Wolfiefan Tue 17-Sep-19 15:01:17

Glad he’s home. Definitely worth chatting to them about a better plan in place or looking at other vets.

tabulahrasa Tue 17-Sep-19 14:53:24

Can you change vets? They don’t seem too great at managing him despite knowing he’s got an issue.

I’ve waited outside mine till the vet is free and then they come out and get me, used back and side entrances to get straight in and out, they’ve given me appointment times where they know I can come straight in and out and even once sedated a dog in the waiting room so he was with me until he was properly under...

MrsRufusdog789 Tue 17-Sep-19 14:13:02

Thanks for all your very kind messages . Little guy is safely home now - woozy and wheezy but fine and happy on my knee . Thanks for all the useful tips .
After today no more last minute changes to car plans . Husband can take taxis instead !
He says sometimes he thinks I love the dog more than I love him . I said "think" ?
Thanks again ladies x

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Wolfiefan Tue 17-Sep-19 12:42:59

Another one not kicking you. My dog had a routine ear op and I was in such a state I forgot to go to my own physio appointment. blush
No so D h needs to be told no occasionally. Maybe the car needs a booking diary!!
Could you pop into the vets regularly? Perhaps start with someone coming out and offering him a treat then walk away. I’m sure my vets would! We used to go weekly for a weigh in and a treat when madam was a pup.
Hope you are back with your dog very soon.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Tue 17-Sep-19 12:38:39

I think the kick up the pants should be aimed at your husband, tbh.

As for, have you tried to desensitize him to the places he hates, like walking past the vets without going in a few times, then going in and straight out and so on? It will take time, but it might help.


missbattenburg Tue 17-Sep-19 12:25:56

No kick up the pants needed. It's really draining to have to deliver a dog to a vet appointment knowing it will distress them - even if it's ultimately for their own good.

Battendog has been through a series of ear checks for an infection and has gotten more and more worked up each time. Just seeing him shaking behind me and having to try and hold him steady while he's checked out has left me a bit shaky/upset myself afterwards. I could well imagine how much worse it is to hear yours howling, especially knowing all he has already faced.

Try and have an easy day (if you can) and just look forward to having your pup back home again xx

p.s. it is also shitty you have to transport the dog by public transport while your dh takes the car.

MrsRufusdog789 Tue 17-Sep-19 10:36:16

My little dog is 6 and had a very bad start to his life - ear flaps and tail taken off with a knife or scissors and broken bones . He was only three months old when this happened. He was rescued in Spain by two young Spanish Mums and well socialised within their families as they alternated his recuperation and care . I adopted him at nine months old . He's well adjusted apart from one thing . He's terrified of the vet's . Even in a shop like Jollyes he barks the place down and that's full of toys and treats .
Strangely when I took him back to Spain for 6 weeks holiday he was fine with the female vet who originally treated him .Mind you the system is different there - you sit and wait your turn - no appointment system as such and the vet seemed to have all the time in the world for him.
Last week at the local vet there was a 20 minute delay to see the vet and he worked himself up to such an extent we couldn't do his routine booster . However I know he needed some work to remove placque on his back teeth ( I can do anything with him ) so he's having a good checkover while he's under anaesthetic .
The Vet promised he'd be first to have his op today as they know his medical history but by mistake they took another dog through for it's premed so again my dog is stressed out and he was howling like a banshee .
I'm a pretty reasonable sort of person but when I left him and got back to my car I'm ashamed to say I just blubbed. I still feel really upset to be honest . This seems such a petty thing to share. But I'm so worried about my little dog .
I have other things going on at the moment so a bit stressed already . Regular grand child care and helping daughter who has a fracture to her ankle . Husband who seems to be becoming more forgetful and selfish by the day with Bowling fixtures , snooker and football ........ which come first in his book which means I can't have the car .He has sprung a few of these on me at the last minute which has meant I have had to travel by bus and train . Well looking back at my post I just seem to be such a wimp and feeling sorry for myself which really isn't my usual thing at all .
I am going to post this though as it's done me good to vent and I hope other Mumsnetters will apply the right sort of kick up the pants I need !

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