Itchy Dog - why?

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Thunderpunt Mon 16-Sep-19 18:53:57

For the past 3 or so weeks my dog has been really itchy, particularly along his back, base of his tail area. Took him to the vets a couple of weeks ago, no sign of fleas but she agreed he did have very dry skin. She did his anal glands, I got him wormed as well. Only thing I thought it could be was that we changed his food recently to a natural/grain free one and wondered if he was allergic to that. Vet said to gradually take him back to his original food to rule that out. He’s been back on original food for nearly 2 weeks and is still really itchy.
Anyone got any ideas what it could be, and also what I could do to ease it up a bit for him?

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DimplesToadfoot Mon 16-Sep-19 22:29:27

I give my itchy dogs a daily Piriton anti histamine tablet and a dose of Yumega Itchy dog. I also give a weekly bath with a dog sensitive shampoo.

As your dog is itching in those particular areas I wouldn't be so quick to rule out fleas and treat with a vet prescribed treatment. I.e. Advocate or Bravecto

If it isn't fleas, then I'd be trying to work out if it was food allergies or grass/plant allergies, have you walked him anywhere differently? An old one of mine could never be walked near ferns, or farmers fields where rape grew or fields where hay had been cut, has he been for a swim in a pond/lake/sea? If you can rule out the obvious then I'd try a raw diet and back to the vets for tests I'm afraid ... hope you get it sorted for him .. good luck

Girlintheframe Tue 17-Sep-19 04:07:59

We give the same as PP, prition and Yumega itchy dog oil and that seems to have sorted out our itchy dog.

Thunderpunt Tue 17-Sep-19 06:38:09

Thanks for the advice. When we took him to the vets we got him treated for fleas and worms regardless so I'm pretty confident it's not fleas.
He's not been walked anywhere different to normal, and everything else is more or less the same, which is why I thought it could be the food change kicking in.

Can I just give a regular over the counter antihistamine/piriton? Or is there a dog version I should be giving? (My medicine cupboard is full of antihistamines as most of my family get hay fever or have allergies)
I'll get some of the Yumega itchy dog too and see if that helps.
Thanks again for the help

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DimplesToadfoot Tue 17-Sep-19 07:45:30

Shop around for the itchy dog, Pets at home for example they charge £19 for 250ml but have a buy one get one for half price so 2 x 250ml bottles would be £28.50? But online they charge £20 fo a single 500ml bottle. It can take a week or so for the yumega to kick in, my current dog came in with a horrendous flea allergy and thankfully in her case the Yumega didn't take long to show its effects.

I give a a cheaper generic antihistamine, I just check the ingredients are the same as Piriton, but there are people that will tell you otherwise.

Fingers crossed it is just the food,

Girlintheframe Tue 17-Sep-19 08:06:06

I use Boots own brand of piriton. Make sure you don't tell them for Ddog otherwise they won't sell you it.

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