Will I ever be able to leave my puppy?

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Putanotherwashon Sun 15-Sep-19 18:34:28

Just that really. My puppy is 16 weeks old. We got her at 8 weeks and had 6 weeks off work to settle her in.
During the 6 weeks we tried to build up to leaving her by herself but she still hates it.
I’ve had to send her to doggy daycare everyday while I’m at work (which is fine). I just thought by now I’d be able to leave her for an hour or so while I nip out at weekends.
Today we left her for an hour while we went to a pub. She barked when we left and was still barking when we got back and had done a poo and wee in her crate.
We’ve tried to build this up slowly and the lady who looks after her picks her up about half an hour after we leave for work and drops her home half an hour before we get in in the hope she’ll get used to it.
We left her with a stuffed kong (which she did manage to eat between barking).
Will she eventually be ok? Please say she will!!

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BiteyShark Sun 15-Sep-19 18:42:32

Each dog is different but I think routine does help.

My dog is happy to be left for 3 hours in the mornings or afternoon and sleeps but if I tried to do that at night e.g. to go out to eat he is up and down all the time as he isn't used to it.

It also helps to work out what is bothering them. I know mine gets upset if it's dark and he sees a reflection in the windows so we put up opaque film. He also didn't settle if he could hear cars in the distant so we put a radio on. He is also left with the same treats so he knows he will be on his own.

This didn't happen overnight and yes we had to build up to it but I used a camera so I could watch him from my phone.

Yours is still little and I would try and make sure she has had a pee and poo before you leave and try a radio etc.

Girlintheframe Mon 16-Sep-19 04:53:11

Our pup is now almost 15 months and it's only been in the last couple of months that we can leave him. He seemed to suddenly grown in confidence and is now happy being left up to 3 hours occasionally.
We got him a licky mat. We usually put banana, cream cheese, peanut butter in it and freeze it. We also have a camera so we're able to look and see what was bothering him. Turns out he doesn't like people passing the window so now we shut the blinds.
At one point I thought we were never going to be able to leave pup.
Sounds like your doing all the right things but sometimes it's just down to when the dog is ready/more confident.

heidiwine Mon 16-Sep-19 12:59:18

I was you. For a long time. Our neighbours complained about the noise our dog was making when we went out. I ended up videoing it and was quite distressed when I watched it back.
I ended up doing the following (not in this order but it’s the order of do it in next time):
- ditched the crate but left him in the kitchen
- used the dogs trust separation anxiety plan (followed every step and it took about 8 weeks). I had to get him used to me picking up the keys I was super disciplined about it (I work from home which made it easier but the days I was out working I would just do it in the evenings and morning before doggy day care)
- leave him in his basket with a treat that he doesn’t normally get (I used a fish stick thing) (but he’s not super good motivated)
- very slowly built up the time I left him until I was confident that he was not distressed when we left
- gave him the run of the house (he’s allowed in other rooms normally). This was a massive turning point

Now he’s a totally normal dog - I can leave him for hours (probably up to 6) as long as he’s exercised. The only time he seems excited to see me when I get in is when he needs a pee. He regularly gets left for up to 4 hours.

I do think some dogs need to be trained to be left alone and the earlier you start the better it is. Just build it up slowly over time.

SchoolNightWine Mon 16-Sep-19 13:16:46

Agree with all the advice above, but also maybe try leaving something that smells of you. A lot of experts say this doesn't help, but if I leave a jumper or my slippers lying about, I'll come home to find my dog snuggled up with them (and not chewedgrin). We also use this to settle her into new places - holiday home or friends when left with them overnight.

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