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What should vet be doing?

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LamotWamot Thu 12-Sep-19 07:56:03

Asking for advice as I am new to having a dog (my spaniel is 12 months) and not sure if I am wrong for feeling annoyed with vet.

We have been three times in three weeks. First time, he was crying at night and itching a lot.

Vet said anal glands, and emptied them. And that his skin was bit irritated so he had a steroid injection.

Then he started getting scabby bumps with pus in them. Went back, Vet had a very brief look, said “allergic reaction, though pus is unusual” and off we went.

Back within days, he was covered in them everywhere, lots of pus and seemed unwell (growling at family members). Vet said pyroderma and prescribed antibiotics, said dog is grumpy because probably fed up it - I told vet he seemed unwell and he said if it carried on he might do skin biopsy or blood tests.

I wondered why he didn’t do those things then. I pay for a re-consultation each time. He did not check him over thoroughly at all, they just look at his tummy quickly (scabs are everywhere)

Antibiotics finished yesterday. Scabs now
very dark and dried up.

Dog bit DP last night (not through skin, but
still such a shock). Growled at me several times.

He was crying quietly on and off through the night and has gone straight back to bed this morning after a brief greeting (again, completely out of character.)

I am starting to feel angry that they are not looking after him properly. I am worried about him. I will pay for a re consultation today for a third time. Now onto insurance claim as we are over the excess, but still..

Is this normal or do we have a crap vets? (See someone different most times) waiting for them to open so I can call and book him in again.

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Veterinari Thu 12-Sep-19 08:53:03

As the owner you do have the right to request further investigation. If the vet is suggesting tests in the future but you’d rather they were done there and then, say so. It can be difficult as a vet to know what owners want - some prefer to try meds and wait and see, others prefer to perform testing at the start. It can be difficult to know which an owner prefers if you aren't Communicating.

Skin biopsies need to be done under anaesthesia which is not without risks, and for skin biopsies and bloods you’re looking at several hundred pounds and an invasive procedure for your dog - your vet May simply be trying to avoid these costs and the anaesthetic, or ensuring these more invasive tests are really warranted before proceeding.

However the behaviour change is significant and indicates pain or discomfort. If you arrn’t Happy with your current vets work up then you can ask for a referral to a specialist

LamotWamot Thu 12-Sep-19 12:20:21

Thank you.

We did actually see a different vet, who was really good and actually seemed sympathetic to the state he is in. She has prescribed something to calm the itching (and calm him I think she said!) but will see him in a week then look at biopsy etc if he is not better and if the scans continue. So I feel like she listened 😊

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LamotWamot Thu 12-Sep-19 12:20:39


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