Dental work prices ballpark?

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Hazza000 Wed 11-Sep-19 14:01:43

We have a seven year old Lhasa apso whose teeth are now gunky with horrific breath and some receding gums. At her annual vaccination check the vet said she needs a dental under anaesthetic. Her insurance does not cover this. The vet has said until they go in the won't know how many teeth will need to be pulled etc. They have given me a baseline price of £300 to start but I wondered if anyone has a small dog in the uk which had recent dental work and how much it cost? Obviously we will need to budget for this.

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Waiterto1 Wed 11-Sep-19 14:52:24

Do you have a companion care vets near you? They usually do a winter deal on rentals, £99 basic + extras for extractions.

Hazza000 Wed 11-Sep-19 16:46:43

Gosh no I've just looked there aren't any of those near here. That sounds amazing

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groovejet Wed 11-Sep-19 17:02:11

Our small dog had dental last year with a few extractions, I think the total was about £200, the majority of the cost on the bill was for the anaesthetic. The original quote was for more than we actually paid, think they were preparing us for worst case scenario.

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