Need advice, young dog with Kidney Disease

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GreenyEye Tue 10-Sep-19 14:49:47

Just found out our 18mo dog has Kidney Disease.

she's already classed as stage 2/3 as showing symptoms, including urinating in her sleep.

We've put her on a prescription kidney friendly diet.

My mom (who I live with and officially owns the dog, so any decision is out of my hands I ought to point out) is seriously weighing up whether she can manage, knowing DDog is only going to get slowly worse. She's also heavily influenced by the trauma of losing my dad to Kidney Failure a couple of years ago sad

So.. i'm basically after some advice from people who've been through this.

What are we in for? How long did your dog live? and of course the worst question ever, is mom better off having her euthanised or trying to cope with things?

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Jouska Tue 10-Sep-19 16:49:20

It is a major shock being told your dog is ill and so cruel when you Mum has gone through so much.

I would suggest that you encourage your Mum to speak to the vet and also not make any major decisions yet. It depends so much on the stage of the disease and how the dog responds to medication. Some dogs even recover, some may not, some can have some very happy years ahead of them. It all depends.....

Diet and medication can make a major difference and dogs can go on and enjoy a good quality of life - noone can say for how long or how things may turn out.

The hardest thing is to live with the unknown but it may not be all doom and gloom however the best person to advise is your vet. Tell them exactly how you are feeling.

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