Borrow my doggy

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 13-Sep-19 07:33:47

I can't help feeling like I'd be pimping Hugo out! Do the walkers expect payment, like an unspoken etiquette?

Back in my dog starved days, pre-PestDog, I think I would have paid you to allow me to walk and cuddle your dog just because I missed having them so much. I think drunk student me once paid a homeless man a quid so I could give his staffy some affection. I was really really badly dog broody. In the end I moved into a house share that had a dog, and the rest is history...

I live in a city centre, with lots of dog starved 20-somethings, and given the reaction PestDog gets from people in that demographic in the park, I can well believe that there are plenty of others out there like me 😂

I wouldn't, however, allow them to let a dog off lead or hand over a dog with behavioural needs - it needs to be an easy dog that's happy to spend time with anyone.

Ginmel Fri 13-Sep-19 07:16:24

Used to walk an adorable dog on the site. Couldn't have a dog at the time so it was the best of both worlds for us. One caution before signing make sure you check how many in your area have crowns which means they are subscribers.

Be1atrix Thu 12-Sep-19 22:04:09

I want to join!

fairgroundsnack Wed 11-Sep-19 13:20:46

My friend used this to find a dog to care for one day a week. She adores him!

SpamChaudFroid Wed 11-Sep-19 13:19:07

I've recently joined, but I haven't taken the paying option yet (so I can't use PMs). I thought I'd see if there was any interest in my dog first. There have been 2 responses so far, one looks too good to be true, (they have a swimming pool in their back garden) and one couple who look OK.

It's reassuring that you've used them nonsence and they didn't kidnap your dog or want him for a black mass or anything. I can't help feeling like I'd be pimping Hugo out! Do the walkers expect payment, like an unspoken etiquette?

imhereforcake Wed 11-Sep-19 12:37:52

Thanks I did wonder how many people would be weird?smile

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nonsenceagain Tue 10-Sep-19 20:49:16

We have and it worked out well. Hooked up with two lovely walkers who became friends. But got quite a few enquiries from totally unsuitable people too so be prepared.


imhereforcake Tue 10-Sep-19 14:43:43

Has anyone used this and is it worth the fee? Any reviews? Thanks

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