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Sleeping with eyes open

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PookieDo Sun 08-Sep-19 23:29:56

I don’t know if I am being a knob about this or not blush

Dog sleeps on my bed at the end and as it is dark, I can’t often see his face well but on a couple of occasions when I am still awake he has made some odd snoring type noises and when I sit up, his eyes are wide open but he is fast asleep. It completely freaks me out and I end up trying to wake him to see if he is ok, he seems to be in such a deep sleep that his ears may move but he doesn’t seem to be quite awake at all and doesn’t look at me or move even if I say his name or put my hand on him. He has woken up since then and just rearranged himself a bit and gone back to lying flat out with his eyes open 😂

He doesn’t seem to be having a fit, he’s relaxed out flat on his side, and not making any movements, breathing normally but this is what I am concerned about. He sleeps in his own bed a lot downstairs and I have never seen him do this anywhere else but on the end of my bed at night. Is this just him in a deep sleep? When I looked online it says dogs don’t usually sleep with their eyes wide open confused

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Scattyhattie Mon 09-Sep-19 02:25:42

Greyhounds often sleep with eyes not properly shut and can see their eyeballs roll about when dreaming grin.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Mon 09-Sep-19 12:04:57

My Staffie sometimes half opens her eyes when dreaming/having a nightmare though sometimes all you can see is the white, which is creepy. She once had such a violent dream (growling & barking and twitching) that she wet herself (on my bed!!) and then started up, still asleep, and stared at me, clearly unable to work out where she was or who I was - then she woke up properly. I always wake her up now if it looks as though her dream is not a nice one (saves changing the bedding). I realise this is not the same scenario you are describing, though.

FiveFarthings Tue 10-Sep-19 01:49:01

Yup my dog does this- it’s weird but normal! You can wave a hand a cm from his face and he doesn’t see it! Freaky but nothing to worry about

LimeJellyHead Thu 12-Sep-19 11:38:22

Never feel silly about asking a question. The silly people are those who don't ask, in my opinion.

Yeah, lots of dogs sleep with their eyes open or partly open. You will see the whites of the eyes or the eyes rolling about. Funny how dogs do that and we don't. I'm not sure why.

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