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0hMy Fri 06-Sep-19 19:47:09

This afternoon my parents put our family dog to sleep. We got him when my brother and I were teenagers and we’ve since moved out. I’m absolutely devastated but he was very, very old and it’s been a long time coming. I’m so glad he’s out of pain but he’ll leave a huge hole in our hearts. He was around for almost half of my life.
I feel a bit silly talking to my friends without pets about it; hopefully some of you will understand.

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Beamur Fri 06-Sep-19 19:48:55

Bless you. It's a huge loss.
Hugs flowers

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 06-Sep-19 19:57:46

Sounds like he was very much loved and lived a long and happy life with you all, I’m so sorry for your loss, It’s a shame pet bereavement is classed as silly by some people I hope one day it will be recognised for what it is, losing a beloved family member, and we don’t have to feel stupid for feeling devastated flowers there is nothing silly in your grief at all.

Honeyroar Fri 06-Sep-19 20:27:19

Hugs to you. I think we may be right behind you with our beloved dog. We're having a bucket list weekend for him, then reassessing on Monday.

MrsMozartMkII Fri 06-Sep-19 20:28:38

I'm sorry. It's never easy.


dudsville Fri 06-Sep-19 20:28:38

That's a big loss. I hope you and those who love you can give you space to grieve.

LifeOfBox Sun 08-Sep-19 19:13:48

flowers it is very very hard and people don't get it unless they have felt it personally.

I think we are almost there too, my lab is 14 and a half and since the weather turned last week her back end has got very very stiff and weak. It has come from nowhere and she has deteriorated so much since Friday.

Metacam seems to be doing nothing at all for her and I know I won't let her go downhill.

💐 Honeyroar as well.


UrsulaPandress Sun 08-Sep-19 19:31:51

BastardSpaniel is going tomorrow. It's been weeks coming but tonight he fell over as I was brushing his ears, and then a bit later had some sort of fit.

I am utterly, totally heartbroken

Let's hope the vet can come out.

Hugs to each and everyone who understands.

DramaAlpaca Sun 08-Sep-19 19:36:54

I hear you, OP. I'm so sorry flowers

Ursula much sympathy to you, too. I think I remember that BastardSpaniel is the same breed as my two hooligans.

Hugs to you both.

LifeOfBox Sun 08-Sep-19 19:40:28

It is truly heartbreaking Ursula. flowers

I am a bit worried about DD, the dog is a year older than her and has been a friend all her life.

We have had a tough year. H left earlier this year. DD, just 13, will come home to an empty house when BoxDog is no longer here. 💔

I would like my vet to come here too although I am worried about logistics with a big dog.

UrsulaPandress Sun 08-Sep-19 19:49:15

I don't know what to dooooo.

I know I should have it done but this is the only life he has. When he fitted earlier I was consumed by guilt that I'd let it get to this stage, but now he's in his bed snoozing and my heart hurts.

Sorry for hijacking your thread OP.

LifeOfBox Sun 08-Sep-19 20:09:36

I think you have to be led by your vet and do the best thing for him Ursula, as hard as that is. You have to be strong and make the decision for them.

I suspect I could let BoxDog carry on for a couple or even a few weeks but when I see her standing in the garden staring at the wall with her back end drooping/hunched down panting I don't know that that letting her carry on is the best thing for her.

Euthanasia is greek for 'a good death'. I think we owe them a good death as heartbreaking as that is.

Honeyroar Sun 08-Sep-19 20:10:39

I know, it's hard.

Yesterday I was 90% certain our dog would be being PTS on Monday, today he's a bit better. So I guess we hang on and see how he goes. Perhaps his heart meds are starting to work after all. He's a scan booked on weds, which will tell us if it's heart failure or cancer. That will help with our decision.

Ursula what's he like when he's awake? Is he happy, alert, eating?

RandomMess Sun 08-Sep-19 20:12:41



Saying goodbye to much loved and loving pets is just heart wrenching.

UrsulaPandress Sun 08-Sep-19 20:17:23

No he's not eating really. Well he isn't and then he randomly does.

And he sleeps most of the time. Every day I think right, and then he potters down the garden to meet me and think, just one more day.

But the falling over tonight and then the fitting was a whole new level.

I know exactly what I have to do.

But if he's not suffering ......

Allfurcoatandnoknickers Sun 08-Sep-19 21:29:04

Hugs to you OP. We’re there too with our 12yo terrier - his back is hunched and he’s barely able to walk one minute, then growling at a huge husky the next (much more usual!!). I was going to call the vets tomorrow too but then he picks up a bit. My kids are 16 and 22 and have grown up with his craziness- we’ll all miss him so much. Our other dog is only 7 and she’s been his playmate and companion too- it’s going to be tough.

spiderlight Mon 09-Sep-19 09:29:15

So very sorry, @0hMy - it's awful, isn't it? we lost our wonderful old boy in January after 15 years and it broke our hearts.

@UrsulaPandress and @Allfurcoatandnoknickers - it's the hardest decision we ever have to make, but i always think 'better a day too early than an hour too late'. Talk to your vets and see what they think. Sending you a huge hug.

UrsulaPandress Mon 09-Sep-19 10:35:26

Vet is coming at lunchtime to do the deed

spiderlight Mon 09-Sep-19 11:17:06

Oh Ursula. I'll be thinking of you.

TDogsInHats Mon 09-Sep-19 11:22:09

Oh my lovely dog people. So sorry to hear about your wonderful companions reaching the end of days.
I've no idea how I'll cope when it's time for our dear Tdog dog.
Heart breaking. sadflowers

Honeyroar Mon 09-Sep-19 11:32:44

Thinking of you and your dog Ursula. Xx

Ours is not quite as good as yesterday, but better than fri/sat, so I think we're going to aim for his scan on Weds and go from there, obviously monitoring him.

Sooverthemill Mon 09-Sep-19 11:34:00

It's a huge loss. Especially as you had him growing up. I'm so sorry.

DramaAlpaca Mon 09-Sep-19 15:44:50

I'm so sorry Ursula. It's the hardest and most right thing to do. I hope it was as peaceful as it could be flowers

A handhold & a hug for everyone else going through this.

UrsulaPandress Mon 09-Sep-19 16:30:02

It was ok I suppose. Although he pooed a bit which upset me and grunted as the air left his body.

I miss him so much.

spiderlight Mon 09-Sep-19 16:37:18

(((( hug )))) You've done a very brave thing, taking on this pain so he doesn't have to. It is bloody awful though.

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