Any Frenchie Owners Out There

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Tamzinlouise Fri 06-Sep-19 14:06:57

Hi all,

Any Frenchie owners out there??

We brought a pup about 4/5 weeks ago who is eating Harrington's dry puppy food (breeder had her on this) but she has horrendous gas (yes I know this breed of dog tends to have a lot but hers STINK like fully rotten eggs) 🤢 I think the reason she has this said rotten egg pumps is her diet.

Can anyone tell me what's the best puppy food please to introduce to her slowing so we can ween her off Harrington's.

I have read that the gluten free dry foods are the best but just want some advice as to what other Frenchie owners feeds their pups/dogs.


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Ladypuggerz Fri 06-Sep-19 14:20:41

Not a frenchie owner but pug!

Ours came to us on Royal Canin and we switched her over to Lily's Kitchen. We mix grain-free kibble with grain-free wet food but both are complete foods. She's had their non grain-free wet food, which also agrees with her.

For bigger treats she has grain free treats such as SmartBones grain-free chews, or pig ears. For smaller training treats, we don't police them so much, as she's often gifted them by the grandparents!

She's never been particularly stinky or windy. Vet is very happy with her!

Ladypuggerz Fri 06-Sep-19 14:22:09

And just to add we used the puppy version of the Lily's Kitchen kibble before moving her on to adult. (She's 3 now!)

MissShapesMissStakes Fri 06-Sep-19 14:41:06

If you google ‘allaboutdogfood’ it’s a great website that compares all the foods out there and you can see what the best you can afford is.

We mix Lilly’s Kitchen and Orijen.

shipperssss Fri 06-Sep-19 14:51:34

We have a Boston Terrier, she has been on lily's kitchen for years and is the only food that agrees with her long term.

PookieDo Fri 06-Sep-19 21:03:51

Harrington’s gives my dog terrible wind.

I only feed Lily’s kitchen too. No issues with it ever

Tamzinlouise Sat 07-Sep-19 10:57:07

Hi all,

we have spoken to our vets and she said she thinks it's the food and advised us to slowly introduce Missy to Royal Canin - French Bulldog puppy.

Thanks all.

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