Glucosamine - any advice?

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Beamur Fri 06-Sep-19 11:34:13

My old dog is getting stiff in her back legs. Most noticeably when she's been lying down for a bit, she's a bit slow to get going again. Struggled with big steps for the first time recently too.
A friend has suggested glucosamine might be helpful.
Should I get her vet checked first?
Or is it something you can give as a supplement with food?
Any advice gratefully received.

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Floralnomad Fri 06-Sep-19 11:59:42

Definitely get her vet checked however my dog has Canine Joint Right supplement every day on his dinner and it does help a lot .

Thatsnotmyname4291 Fri 06-Sep-19 12:09:39

We gave our dog green lipped mussel supplement (musselflex?) and the recovery was amazing. We actually stopped giving them a while back and she is fine now.

Obviously see a vet too 👍

Beamur Fri 06-Sep-19 12:11:07

Just to be clear, DDog was seen by a vet for an annual checkup quite recently and has otherwise a fairly clean bill of health. She has a vestibular problem which is affecting balance and would mean she's not well enough for non essential surgery (like a dental, which ideally she could do with, but the vet wasn't willing to give anaesthetic)

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Beamur Fri 06-Sep-19 12:12:06

Meant to add! So I can't give her hard chews as she can't chomp them up.

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DontFeedTheCatCake Fri 06-Sep-19 12:17:11

Our dog takes Yumove Plus which really helps her stiff back legs. It's often on offer so don't pay full price!

bobbypinseverywhere Fri 06-Sep-19 12:22:21

another vote for green lipped mussel here - i get mine off amazon and its good value. glucosamine is good too - you need to get one with combined chondroitin to work best - but i couldn't find one that didn't upset DDogs sensitive tummy. he loves the green lip mussel tho as they are so fishy he sees them as a treat grin


Jouska Fri 06-Sep-19 15:36:08

The highest quality of canine glucosomine is Riaflex HA and if used with green lipped mussel (Riaflex have the purest mussel on the market) can make a huge difference to some dogs

riaflex HA

green lipped mussel

BrokenBrit Fri 06-Sep-19 20:31:43

Yumove advance 360 is brilliant for older stiff dogs.

fivedogstofeed Sat 07-Sep-19 07:51:37

Yumove made a huge difference to my older dogs' mobility. It took a couple of weeks initially to see a difference but it really helped.

Beamur Mon 09-Sep-19 20:58:47

Thanks for the advice. Have started her on Yumove today (and have tucked her up in a blanket so her gammy legs stay warm) so will see how she gets on - will sort out a vet check asap too.

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TaighNamGastaOrt Mon 09-Sep-19 21:03:56

my old collie was on yumove and green-lipped mussel supplements, she also had glucosamine. my vet also prescribed a low dose of metacam which kept her healthy and active. she had hip displasia and arthritic change and was stiff so she saw the vet every 6 months to make sure she was comfortabl.
Enjoy your snuggles with your old doggit, they really have too short lives

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