WHY are people so stupid?!

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Fucksandflowers Thu 05-Sep-19 10:28:46

I think the post (in a training group) may have been removed as I can't find it anymore, hope not I really wanted to comment.

The jist of it:

Guy bought an adult Belgian maliniois x gsd to protect the family.
Had it a couple a days.

Concerned that it only obeys commands when toys are present and that it didn't recall when it saw and chased a cat....

Thinks it will be a great protection animal because it doesn't like it when he pretends to raise a hand to his wife and kids!!!!
But a bit worried that it doesn't bark when the door goes!

You couldn't make this shit up!

I actually despair.


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fivedogstofeed Thu 05-Sep-19 13:47:17

You really can't reason with that level of stupidity sad

fivedogstofeed Thu 05-Sep-19 13:49:17

Though that's actually much worse than the cockerpoo owner I met who was shocked that her dog chased rabbits... being a cute fluffy teddybear n all

Fucksandflowers Thu 05-Sep-19 14:13:58


So sad for the poor dog who I suspect will end up in a pound in the end.

Who on earth assesses a dog's 'protection ability' by pretending to smack around their family?!

I'm just astounded!

Imagine if it had actually bitten him, they are big, powerful dogs.

Nervousness is a big problem in the herding breeds and most GSD have little to no working ability left..

I strongly suspect this dog has been sold off to the first interested party preciseky because it doesn't have what it takes and is a crappy protection dog...

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 05-Sep-19 20:50:25

That poor dog is in the wrong home. I can't see it ending well. Arse.

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