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Puppy heart murmur

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chaoticmumoftwo Wed 04-Sep-19 13:09:48

Hi I am not sure if anyone can help/ has had same experience. We picked up our gorgeous new puppy at 11 weeks, and at 12 weeks had his next vaccinations - at this check up the vet can hear a heart murmur (grade 2 on the LHS, but thinks he can hear a quieter one on the right side as well). Obviously we are really worried - we have contacted the breeder and their vet, and the breeder has been in to meet with the senior partner at their vets too. As puppy had both his first 2 vaccinations whilst still with the breeder he has been seen by their vets a total of 3 times and the vets are prepared to confirm in writing that there was no evidence of heart murmur at any of these times. There is no question of taking puppy back, he is already part of our family. He is bouncy, fun, eats really well, appears robust in every other way. We take him back in 2 weeks to see if the murmur is still there/ any worse. But how much to worry? - obviously it could be an innocent murmur but whats worrying us is why it can be heard now but not when he was younger. I'm feeling really scared - just thought would see if anyone can shed any light on it at all...

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missbattenburg Wed 04-Sep-19 15:19:44

I have no real knowledge of heart murmur development, except that our male JRT is currently 14 years old and has a G2 murmur since he was at least 1 year old.

It has never stopped or slowed him in any way and he looks like he might go for several more years yet...

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