Deaf puppy advise needed

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pontiouspilates Tue 03-Sep-19 22:00:13

We've been approached about rescuing a deaf puppy (6 months old) does anyone have any experience or advice re living with and training a deaf dog?

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DimplesToadfoot Tue 03-Sep-19 22:44:57

I've fostered one, but it wasn't for long, the best thing I ever did was buy a remote controlled small sex toy, sew a little pouch to his harness, to put the toy in, then whenever I wanted him or his attention i gave it a 5 second burst ... I so wanted to call him Buzz ... other than that it was hand gestures but I treated him pretty much like any other dog

BettaSplenden Tue 03-Sep-19 22:49:17

Sex toy hmmgrin

I've trained a deaf dog. Just be patient. Be aware of thier limits (don't come up behind them and touch them etc). Hand signals and treats will work. To get thier attention stomp the floor. Once well trained you'll find they tend to look to you pretty constantly for clues so you don't actively need to get thier attention as often. Don't be tempted to go off lead unless in a properly secure area not just a parkñ. Long leads are your best friend here. Lots of freedom but no risk of losing them.

spot102 Wed 04-Sep-19 01:38:05

See, I never thought of using a sex toy, I just put my phone on vibrate, put it on top of the puppy and called it! Actually puppy was asleep and vibrations had no effect on her at all so haven't bothered since.
So far - upsides are dog is quite quiet - doesn't bark at passers by cos can't hear them, sleeps soundly. Seems to be more responsive to training than previous dog of same breed
Downsides completely unresponsive to shouting so when you see dog about to eat your unprotected dinner (or some other mischief) you usually have to leg it across the room and physically alert them. Also they do have a tendency to startle as obviously they don't hear anything approaching. To be fair, mine is mostly pretty good, but did bark at a waitress (in a pub garden) who approached her from behind, which could have had unfortunate consequences!
The basic training that I did previously I used hand signals + voice, so just pretty much did the same (I even still use voice - I tell people she can lip read)
There are a number of 'deaf dog' groups around eg on Facebook or just Google with loads of useful info on how to train etc.

pontiouspilates Wed 04-Sep-19 08:38:26

Thanks all. Some. Some useful and unusual advice.

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sillysmiles Wed 04-Sep-19 17:18:48

I was going to say hand signals - but seriously sex toys seem to be the way to go! Genius!

DimplesToadfoot Wed 04-Sep-19 17:47:38

@Sillysmiles to be fair I am going back 25 odd years, I'm sure there has been lots of remote controlled vibrating things invented since then, err I think.


LimeJellyHead Thu 12-Sep-19 11:44:02

My Berkeley was a terrier deaf from birth from Dogs Trust. Best dog ever. He was amazing. I wrote some info here, if that helps.

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