Anyone have an office pup/dog?

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weeblueberry Tue 03-Sep-19 11:57:10

Our rescue pup arrived on Saturday and today is his first day in the office with us. He's finding it tricky (in a playpen with a crate) which is totally understandable but I wonder if anyone has great ways they kept them entertained during the early days?

Got a Kong - filling that and freezing it tonight. Looking at snuffle mats and the balls with the bits you stick treats into. Any more life savers? I'm hugely lucky that there's already two dogs in the office and everyone's really supportive - so his morning whining has been met with far. ;)

Any recommendations for toys you have that keep them entertained would be great. He's got some standard toys in there just now but hasn't given them a second glance - probably because he's coming to terms with the new surroundings etc.

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adaline Tue 03-Sep-19 12:25:04

Goodness me, there's no way I could have taken mine to work as a puppy - he was far far too demanding and needed content attention and supervision!

He's now 18 months and it's only now I'd consider taking him to work - and that's only because I could give him a big walk beforehand and I have coworkers who could help me walk him through the day.

All I can say is good luck!

Imjustagirlwhobakes Tue 03-Sep-19 12:39:43

I take my 10 week old puppy to work with me - she's better behaved in the office than at home but I know it'll get harder over the next few months as she grows and doesn't sleep as much!!

How old is your dog? Do you have your own office or are there a few of you in the room?

I've found making sure there is a routine very important. I make sure I bring the toy she has in her crate at home and put it in her office crate so she has a bit of familiarity. I take some of her lunch allowance and do short 5 minute training bursts throughout the day (sometimes not even 5 minutes!). I don't give all her toys at once, so when she is bored of one another one might appear. I also make sure she has a couple of different natural dog chews (dried fish skin/rabbit ear etc)

BassAce Tue 03-Sep-19 13:34:14

My dog came into work with me from 10 weeks old. He had a fenced off/playpenned area next to my desk with a bed in. I found in the early months a hot water bottle (with an appropriate soft cover) was invaluable... Soon as I put that in his bed he would cuddle up to it and zonk off to sleep for most of the day (wee breaks and lunchtime walks aside).
As he got bigger and was allowed the 'run' of the office I would give him antlers or buffalo horns to keep him busy and entertained, but even then he would still migrate back to the warm spot of the hot water bottle and sleep! I think a good long walk before work, and in my lunchbreak always helped though.... But it's amazing how quickly it became routine. He only ever woke up if the hot water bottle got cold, and I'd just top it up and he'd settle back immediately. Went a bit haywire at adolescence for Barking at courier companies entering the building, but thankfully most of them were understanding. He's a dachshund though... So known for noise hmm

WispaGoldsshouldcomeinmultipac Tue 03-Sep-19 13:39:55

We've got two. We just leave them do their thing. They mainly sleep or play with toys. If they start to get a bit antsy one of us will walk them.

weeblueberry Tue 03-Sep-19 15:16:50

Thanks all - just to answer some questions:

He seems to have done well with a good play around at lunchtime but as soon as my colleague walked up and spoke with him he woke and is now having a moan again.

He's about 12 weeks (he's a rescue so we're not 100% sure) and there are six of us in the office, two of my colleagues bring their dogs in. One brought hers in from a tiny puppy too. We're really dog inclusive lol. It's open plan though so when he moans, everyone knows.

I think things will change once he's got the run of the place - it's the playpen that's annoying him at the moment. But there are open railings to the bottom floor so until he gets bigger and more aware it's for his own safety to be in the playpen. He seems to not want to play with the toys very much though. This might change as he gets bigger though!

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AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 03-Sep-19 15:19:27

Only guide dogs. My DSS2 works for the guide dog puppy training centre and is surrounded by gorgeous pups every day.


swissmilk Tue 03-Sep-19 17:48:46

Mine is 3 and a rescue.
She goes bonkers for about 20mins greeting everyone (she doesn't come to work with me very often now) then settles.
She doesn't go to sleep properly and will always jump up when there's any activity.
She has a ball to keep she happy and I take her out for a 30 min walk at lunchtime.
By the afternoon she is bored and just wants to go home.

Xraydog Tue 03-Sep-19 22:27:06

My two have intermittently come to work with me since tiny puppies, when they were very young they found it exhausting and, after initially greeting everyone, just slept most of the time. I found that once they got over the newness of it all they really didn’t need much stimulation or toys as the environment had so much stimulation that they were tired out very quickly.
Now they have become the office councillors and are very good at finding the person who needs them most and sitting at their feet for the day.

bunnygeek Wed 04-Sep-19 12:40:31

We have lots of office dogs smile

Make sure the space he's in is secluded such as under your desk or in the corner of the room. Dogs in more open areas are going to be less relaxed and on alert for attention/snacks. It made a world of difference for a constantly-on-alert Spaniel when he moved from being in the centre of the room to the corner. He needs to have his own little den of safety, with an office rule that if he's in the den he's not to be disturbed by anyone but you if necessary. If you are more exposed, use a crate with a blanket over it.

Do lots of lessons on settling your pup, there's a guide on how to teach a dog to settle here:

weeblueberry Wed 04-Sep-19 13:13:29

Thanks @bunnygeek! I'll definitely watch that later. smile

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bluntbutnice Wed 04-Sep-19 14:17:16

I work in a small office but I've taken my dog with me since we got him at 8 weeks, I thought it would get more difficult as he got older (now 9 months) but he behaves differently in the office than at home, he has a bone and a few toys which entertains him in his bed when he's awake, then a good walk at lunchtime and he will sleep most of the afternoon. I did a lot of training at home to teach him to go and lie in his bed and stay training too which helps when we get visitors in as he's very friendly but will reluctantly return and stay in his bed so he's not a nuisance.

Good luck! smile Our office has really felt the benefits of taking a dog to work, everyone's must less stressed and the lunchtime walk is nice to escape too!

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