Show me your puppies!

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missbattenburg Mon 02-Sep-19 19:00:32

So it's been a glum Monday and in searching for a photo for another thread I came across my favourite picture of Battenpup when he was a wee bairn. It cheered me up instantly.

I invite you to build on that by sharing your favourite puppy photos of your ddogs!

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Walney Mon 02-Sep-19 19:23:27

She used to be tiny

MissShapesMissStakes Mon 02-Sep-19 19:27:21

Ah what a cutie. Love those eyes. So serious.
This is my mini poodle relaxing as a baby. He’s 14 months now.

Walney Mon 02-Sep-19 19:36:47

Aww, I love the way he matches his bed smile

missbattenburg Mon 02-Sep-19 19:48:26

Too cute! I don't wish his was a puppy again but I do wish I could have just one more puppy cuddle...

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twinnywinny14 Mon 02-Sep-19 19:51:52

Mabel was such a sweet but naughty pup!

Acquitaine Mon 02-Sep-19 20:04:28

I'm new to this board, Ddog is 9 weeks and 2 days old today!


missbattenburg Mon 02-Sep-19 21:17:35

She looks like she could be (nice) trouble twinny

Aquitaine yours looks like a proper cuddler!

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PJMasksGhekko Mon 02-Sep-19 21:22:12

9 months old on the 6th, she's bonkers.

MsMarvellous Mon 02-Sep-19 21:25:40

20 weeks this week

Windydaysuponus Mon 02-Sep-19 21:28:03

Ddogs are 6 this year...

Maxineputyourredshoeson Mon 02-Sep-19 21:29:18

This is Steve at 7mths on his first holiday. He loved being able to stand up and look out of the widows and watch the world pass him by.....

Windydaysuponus Mon 02-Sep-19 21:29:21


Alwaysgrey Mon 02-Sep-19 21:29:27

Grey dog

TooTiredToBeCreative Mon 02-Sep-19 21:36:32

My gorgeous boy!

EveningLight Mon 02-Sep-19 21:37:24

We have loved every stage but I did absolutely love the earliest days of bonding and all the funny mischief Dpup got into. She’s 9 months now and very into exercise but used to just sit down on ‘walks’ and spent the rest of it being carried

UniversallyUnchallenged Mon 02-Sep-19 21:38:12

Still the same

MrsRufusdog789 Mon 02-Sep-19 21:44:12

Rufus at 3 months with Meduso the feline foster parent .

OrangeHue Mon 02-Sep-19 21:46:25

@TooTiredToBeCreative , puppy is gorgeouswhat breed is he?

MrsRufusdog789 Mon 02-Sep-19 21:46:42

I should have said that he had suffered cruelty with ear clipping before rescue.
He's fine now x

NewYoiker Tue 03-Sep-19 02:10:10

My 2 ❤️ both rescues the border was dumped in a river with her siblings and appears to be a full pedigree! The big one is 11 and a Heinz 57 I'm adding photos of puppies and now ❤️

NewYoiker Tue 03-Sep-19 02:14:57

And now ❤️ she's 10 months and we've come through so much. We found out she had a broken jaw when she was 11 weeks old and had been broken since about 5 weeks so she had to have surgery and had some teeth out that were affected by the break. She's probably going to have her front canine on the left out at some point as although it was still in her jaw when it was broken the adult tooth was damaged so she's had a filling essentially but if it changes colour she'll need it out.

She was 1.2kg when we took her home at 8 weeks from the rescue and so scared of everything. We've managed to overcome so many of her fears but beards are something she doesn't seem able to get over 😭 the vet thinks she was kicked by someone who broke her jaw

namechangedyetagain Tue 03-Sep-19 02:24:57

My little chap on our first meeting where he chose his family by plonking himself on my lap - he's 4 today.

TokenGinger Tue 03-Sep-19 02:37:08

@namechangedyetagain BEAGLE! 😍

This little bugger is 8 now with grey fur on his face to show every year 😢

Girlintheframe Tue 03-Sep-19 05:40:50

This is our boy when he was 8 weeks old. I forget how little he was!

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