Inconsiderate dog owners

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user1479814544 Mon 02-Sep-19 10:56:29

Firstly I have nothing against people wanting to own dogs as pets and I am certain that there are a lot who are good owners/masters. However my rant is focused on those who are not.

I like to walk around the country lanes where I live. Generally I encounter several owners with well controlled and behaved dogs. But last week I cam across some that were not. Two women out walking two small dogs (one a pug type dog, the other not sure but a fluffy lap type one) off the leas. I tried to keep my distance as we passed but both dogs started yapping and making a beeline for me. Both were around my ankles yapping and trying to bite either my feet or my trousers bottoms. I bit my tong and quickly passed. Neither woman said a thing, not even an apology. As I can came to the end of my walk I encountered them again and this time they had stopped to talk to another lady with a dog (on a lead an well behaved), while their two did the same as earlier. Again I bit my tong and passed. I could hear them sniggering as I moved away. Obviously at me as they thought it was funny.
A few days latter I was out for another walk. I encounter the same women and dogs but now they had a man also with them. The pug was on a lead but the other was loose. Again I try to stay to my side of the lane and well away but the other dog comes tearing up to me yapping and at my feet once again. I could hear 'oh don't worry it won't bite'. This time I snapped! I can't remember the the exact words but it was something along the lines of 'keep that f'ing animal away from me and if you can't control it then put it on a lead'. To which they accused me of being aggressive and asking what my problem was. I stopped and turned around and told them that yes I did have a problem with them and not being able to control their dog. As I did this the guy squared up to me. I told them that not everyone like dogs and that i had been bitten by one as a kid. He did appologise but the women I could hear muttering things under their breath. I walked off and finished my walk.
I'm feed up with this kind of thing happening. I used to go down the woods walking but again certain dog owners and their dogs are nuisances. Either big packs of dogs off the lead, being barked at and surrounded by them trying to sniff my privates or ones that jump up at you with muddy paws or want to slobber all over you.
Why do those of us that don't like dogs have to accept and put up with this? AIBU?

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RatherBeRiding Mon 02-Sep-19 11:01:30

I'm a dog owner and I loathe with a passion dogs off leads that aren't under control and have immediate recall! I have a new-ish rescue dog who can be (understandably) reactive with other dogs - she was a street dog and probably had to defend herself.

So long as other dogs walk past quietly and ignore her she is fine, and even if they are a bit reactive to her on their leads, it's all fine as both dogs are on leads and the situation is under control.

But I absolutely dread the day when we will meet some dog off-lead who bounds up to us and tries to "play"!

Dogs should be under control, whether on-lead or off-lead.

And some dog-owners very sadly give the rest of us a bad name.

user1479814544 Mon 02-Sep-19 11:29:14

RBR sorry I know it was a rant but I do know there are more good owners and behaved dogs than there are bad. I just wish the bad ones would get their acts together but I suspect that some of them are bullies and like using their dog as means to annoy on purpose. thanks for your reply.

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pigsDOfly Mon 02-Sep-19 12:28:00

As the owner of a well trained, well behaved dog I can sympathize with you.

I've had so many out of control dogs run at me and/or my dog and I agree, it's very annoying.

I've also ended up having words with people over their dogs and tbh it usually ends in them becoming quite unpleasant.

There are a lot of unpleasant, stupid people around and unfortunately, some of them own dogs.

I'm pleased to say that where I live now most dog owners seem to be of the pleasant, responsible variety.

Obviously, it's not sensible to put yourself in danger but you don't have to bite your tongue if you're being annoyed by someone's out of control dog. Sometimes people need to be told they're in the wrong.

Walney Mon 02-Sep-19 12:37:36

Off lead dogs can be a nuisance, but it is still a great way to exercise case dogs that are well mannered.

Although just this morning I had an owner jokingly tell me that her dog only misbehaves around my dog, so blaming mine for hers not listening and constantly mounting my (spayed) dog.

Iamacyclist Mon 02-Sep-19 12:48:51

My house adjoins a footpath popular with dog walkers.

The footpath is stunning but I hate using it as it’s covered in dog poo and I have a toddler who picks up everything . I’ve had dog poo on my driveway too.

I regularly have strange dogs running round my garden and even had one in my house. I have a toddler so this is especially uncool.

I do a lot of cycling / horse riding and regularly have dogs running up / chasing my bike / barking at horse.

Seriously if your dog is that out of control keep it on a lead. And pick up its poo!!!

The road where the dog walkers park is actually private property but to date the residents have turned a blind eye and been happy to let dog walkers park there, but I think that will change soon if the dog walkers don’t start controlling their dogs and cleaning up poo.

Yes there are poo bins.

Just to add, I very much like well -mannered, well controlled dogs whose owners appreciate not everyone wants to be jumped at / licked grin

Iamacyclist Mon 02-Sep-19 12:56:29

Also was in park the other day- lots of families having picnics. This dog off the lead was rampaging and trying to steal picnic food from each family it went past. The owner kept saying “sorry” “sorry” . I just couldn’t fathom why the inconsiderate fool didn’t put it on a lead?! Seriously.


Walney Mon 02-Sep-19 13:13:04

Sounds like some owners near me. They complained very loudly and couldn't understand why event organisers were using the main area of a park to set up for children's activities (free) over the holidays. They complain if non dog owners use the area for picnics saying the area is only for dogs (it isn't). They also complain about owners who don't let their dogs off lead because they think it's cruel which is just odd.

missbattenburg Mon 02-Sep-19 13:18:29

Here too.

In fact, a few months ago I was stopped chatting to a woman about a notice in the local paper asking for dogs to be kept under better control in open areas.

Her words: "None of us can really control our dogs, can we?" as she laughed and her labs ran around like lunatics, failing to recall.

I looked at battendog (on lead) and pointed out he was very easy to control on a lead but I don't think she took the hint grin

I just think some people are in total denial.

MarySibleysFamiliar Mon 02-Sep-19 16:25:47

I lived in a farmhouse with 4 cottages on the property and one of the neighbours had a Westie type that used to Jump up at people walking past and cover them in mud. It was a good 50ft from its property. The bloody thing was constantly loose wandering around and one day I was heading out to a funeral where it, as usual, jumped up at me meaning I was covered in mud and I absolutely fucking lost it. The owner got a mouthful about keeping her dog inside or on a lead. Told her that if it comes anywhere near me again I'll "punt the fucking thing right into the (name of busy A road beside the farm)"
I do not advocate animal cruelty but quite honestly, any dog that comes at me aggressively barking or snapping would find itself kicked over the fucking hedge!

Purplecatshopaholic Tue 03-Sep-19 09:00:42

What RatherBe said. I hate bad dog owners, they give all of us dog parents a bad name. If you can’t control your dog keep him on a lead!

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