Anyone tried Simpsons or Millie's Wolfheart?

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Keepsmiling1 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:23:16

Our pup is 9 weeks old and is currently fed on IAMS puppy food (from the breeder). I'm aware this isn't great from looking at the All about dog food website and am looking at changing to either Simpson's or Milies Wolfheart as both score quite well. Has anyone had experience of either?

At the moment his poo is very soft - i don't know if that's related to his food. I have read that puppies can be intolerant to chicken and I didn't know if this was causing it? Once I move over should I stick to the same flavour or can you change each day to give them a change?

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StillMedusa Sun 01-Sep-19 23:20:13

Iams isn't great as you have figured out.
We tried Wolfheart..much better but then ran out when we were camping two weeks ago and went to a country store where they had a really big range for puppies. Mine likes a strong flavour and we were recommended Aatu which is over 80% salmon.. and she loves it.
She is party raw fed but seems to prefer the Aatu kibble !
We also find that most of the puppy food is chicken based and gives our puppy the squits... the Aatu seems better, with a few raw chicken necks thrown in to firm up the poo!

Just thought I'd mention it as it isn't as well known but is definitely a good kibble!

Girlintheframe Mon 02-Sep-19 06:18:33

We moved ours from JWB to Millie's a few months ago.

JWB gave him terrible wind and soft poos. We transitioned him according to their guidance and he has been great. No more wind and firm poos.
He has recently lost some weight so I spoke to the nutritionist at MWH and they have recommended a different variety (moving from Riverside mix to Utility 50/50). I've ordered some smaller trial bags to try to see if he likes it.
You can chat to the nutritionist via web chat or phone. I would give them a call and see what they recommend. Because you can buy small trial bags you can check DDog likes it before you buy the big bags. Our pup loves their training treats too.
I've found their food and knowledge/customer service excellent and pup seems happy too.

SummersB Mon 02-Sep-19 06:31:26

Another vote for MW. Really helpful customer advisors and our 1yr old lab loves the food (to be fair, he’s a lab so he loves all food!) Everyone always comments about how shiny his coat is and how well he looks. And the training treats are fab too!

Girlintheframe Mon 02-Sep-19 06:31:57

Forgot to add, MWH nutritionist suggested changing 'flavours' every 2-3 months to prevent boredom and food intolerances developing.

Horehound Mon 02-Sep-19 07:09:42

I used millies wolfheart. Loved them.

Keepsmiling1 Mon 02-Sep-19 07:48:13

Brilliant thank you. I will give MWH a call and see what they recommend today.

@StillMedusa so you feed mainly kibble with a just a few bits of raw each day as a snack? Is that ok? I wasn't sure if you had to do all raw or could mix?

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FLOrenze Mon 02-Sep-19 08:48:52

We feed part Millie’s Woolfheart and Part Lily’s Kitchen. My dog enjoys both and she is thriving. Both have excellent customer service. I only. Buy Lily’s when it is on offer. Currently it is 20% off.

missbattenburg Mon 02-Sep-19 08:50:52

Battendog came with Simpsons and it gave him the WORST farts.

He now eats Millies (among other things) and is really good on it. IMO it's excellent quality and the cheapest of the best foods so well worth looking at.

Keepsmiling1 Mon 02-Sep-19 11:32:47

I rang MWH this morning and have ordered some food and training treats to try.

Thank you very much - fingers crossed he likes it and it helps firm up his poo!

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FiveFarthings Mon 02-Sep-19 11:42:46

Our Cavalier is on Simpsons salmon and potato due to allergies which give him itchy ears. Lots of dogs are allergic to wheat/soy/pea protein and this is the only food brand I’ve found that doesn’t have any of those ingredients. My dog likes it well enough and has solid poos. There are quite a lot of different flavors and the wet food is also free from allergens. There is another brand called Arden Grange (again salmon and potato) and he absolutely wolfs it down but we can’t always get hold of it where we live locally so he switches between the two. You can get both on Amazon.

FiveFarthings Mon 02-Sep-19 11:44:18

Oh and make sure you introduce any new foods slowly I.e. mixing small amount of the new food with the old, 80/20, 60/40 and so on, otherwise to switch from one food to another straight away can cause them more digestive issues as he is so young

StillMedusa Mon 02-Sep-19 13:47:26

Purists would roll over in horror... but the reality is I would like Orla to be raw fed but she isn't keen on the preprepped frozen stuff..tends to be a bit sloppy when defrosted and I need her to have kibble for lunch as my son looks after her ..he has autism and is lovely but can not cope with dishing out raw meat!

I have read as much as I can on the subject, raw feeders often think it's a sin to feed anything but raw, some vets like it some don't, some think it's ok to mix others don't. I don't feed raw and kibble together.. she now mostly has raw breakfast, kibble lunch (if she wants it) and raw dinner..or a chicken neck which she LOVES.
So far she is gaining nicely, her poos are fine .

After all the reading my basic rational is that dogs are scavengers...if she can eat rabbit poo, cardboard and anything she can snaffle the her gut can manage a bit of raw and kibble, and I distrust the companies that think processed stuff is optimal but neither do I think she's still a wolf!
I find she gets runny poos if she has too much kibble but the raw stuff firms it up.

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