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happygardening Mon 02-Sep-19 21:17:50

I have a miniature poodle he was brought from a very vey reputable breeder who’s details I got through the miniature poodle breed club. I found breeders were a little stand offish in the beginning because of the popularity of poodle crosses which fairly obviously serious poodle breeders don’t agree with. I had to fill in an extensive questionnaire and send photos of my garden current dog and previous dogs. But once they know your not aspiring to breed over priced poodle crosses they’re very helpful.
We’ve used to have gun dogs that were outside with me all the time but when I saw the light and gave up horses and moved I wanted something smaller with a lower exercise requirement and had always admired poodles.
They are easy going cheerful little dogs super easy to train devoted to their families and anyone else who comes through the door, he hasn’t an aggressive bone in his body. He will walk if you want too easily doing 10 miles or lounge around all day on the furniture if you him want too whatever I’m doing he just goes along with it. He never pulls on his lead (unlike my gun dogs which would cheerfully pull my 85kg DH over if he wasn’t concentrating) he has a good recall a very low prey drive so could walk happily through livestock off the lead (I don’t do this) and best of all they don’t shed (I didn’t realise how marvellous this is until I got him) I’m not house proud by any stretch of the imagination but my previous dogs shed so much hair that it was amazing they weren’t bald hair everywhere. You can easily pick him up which is also useful, he’s never had a days illness, they don’t eat you out of house and home and mine doesn’t go in the water (they take ages to dry) he also never barks (my big worry before I got him as I don’t do barking dogs). Every couple of month I get his hair cut I pay £40 but to have a no shedding dog makes it worth it. Mine was extensively screened for health problems by the breeder I think the breed club states the minimum tests that should be done. My dog walkers all love him all comment on how easy going he is.
I would recommend one our next dog will be a poodle I have a bit of a weakness for a standard poodles but they are big dogs and that’s not really what at this phase n my life so I suspect it will be another miniature.

PorterBella Sun 01-Sep-19 23:06:31

There is a rescue charity for poodles needing new homes op.
It's run by lovely people who are always looking for new adopters.

AlecOrAlonzo Sun 01-Sep-19 23:01:18

I think poodles are lovely. Also consider a mini schnauzer.


Happy dog buying!

Eleanorsummer Sun 01-Sep-19 22:56:02

Thank you. I'm willing to wait for the right one. I know from others with the same condition as me that their dogs have brought a lot to their lives

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stayathomer Sat 31-Aug-19 20:09:12

Best of luck finding a dog OPflowers

Eleanorsummer Sat 31-Aug-19 20:00:31

Aww he looks so adorable. I definitely would love a dog who is affectionate. I plan on doing some training classes, so hopefully that will help with pulling on the lead.
Where did you get him from? I have contacted a couple of kennel club registered breeders but not heard back.

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MissShapesMissStakes Sat 31-Aug-19 13:36:59

Hi. I have a miniature poodle. He is now 13 months and has been great.

He is really clever and loves his food so was pretty straightforward to toilet train and has a few tricks.

He isn’t great on the lead. When it’s just me he will walk nicely. But if there is anything to excite him or distract him he will pull and while he wouldn’t pull me over, if it’s sudden (he can’t resist a leaf blowing on the path hmm) it can feel pretty strong. But that’s our fault as he doesn’t get consistency from the different people that walk him.

He really is a lovely affectionate dog. He loves attention. And if I’m working at home he will happily lie at my feet until I’m ready to play or have a walk. When we watch tv he likes to snuggle up.

I honestly think poodles are a great breed.

They are usually pretty healthy but do need checking for degenerative eye problem.

Also he doesn’t shed at all. He does need clipping every 4-5 weeks. But I like him quite short.

He has been easier than I expected our first dog to be so far.


Eleanorsummer Sat 31-Aug-19 12:07:05

I have been researching breeds and think a miniature or toy poodle would be the best dog for me and my mum. I originally wanted a cavapoo, but when I looked online a lot about puppy farms came up and people recommended getting a cavalier or poodle instead.
I like the temperament of Cavaliers but know they are prone to a lot of health issues.
I have a disability called ehlers danlos syndrome, which causes my joints to lock and sublux. I also have part of my spine fused. I think a smaller dog will be better as if it does pull on the lead or jump up at me then there is less force compared to a larger dog.
My mum will be helping out as we live 5 minutes walk apart and is retired. I love dogs and as I don't get out socially much I would love the company. I have no problems with walking btw so will be fine taking it for walks.
Do you think a poodle would be a good dog for me and any advice would be welcome smile

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