Would anyone be kind enough to describe a typical day for your DDog?

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ThisIsNotAIBUPeople Fri 30-Aug-19 23:28:29

We are one step closer to adopting a dog. As first time dog owners we are pretty clueless about a dog's typical daily routine, other than it includes walks, food and sleep! We have only ever had cats and they sort themselves out really! Thanks in advance.

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longtompot Fri 30-Aug-19 23:44:49

Depends what age you are thinking of getting one.

Ours as a puppy, wake us up at 5.30am desperate for a wee. Try and play for a bit. Pretend was then tired so I went backto bed, only to be woken at 6.30am ready for the day!
Puppies are basically sleep, feeds, toilet, play, sleep. All day. Usually most awake at 9pm when trying to watch a film with the family.

Now she is older (7 years) she waits for us to get up, has a wee, then brekkie.
Walk approx 30 mins.
Good bark at the postman/anyone deeming to get intheir own car/delivery van trying to do their job/person walking down the road.
Sleep unless I go and do something, then follows me just in case there is food.
Dinner 7pm and then walk, or sometimes walk before. Has a mooch, bit of play if someone more interesting than me is about. Dozes until time for bedtime wees, waits for bedtime biscuit, and then sleeps all night. Wakes when the adult kids come down for a drink /midnight 2 am snackage

DogInATent Fri 30-Aug-19 23:51:46


IamtheOA Fri 30-Aug-19 23:53:02


Yep- exactly that!

DogInATent Fri 30-Aug-19 23:59:31

I even have the tee shirt (for dog walking) :D


Okki Sat 31-Aug-19 00:01:17

We have a 1yr ils rescue. He sleeps in a crate in the kitchen. He wakes up when we come down, has breakfast. Looks out the back soir to decide if it's dry enough for him to go out. He either goes out or come back in and watches us have breakfast. Goes for a walk, comes back and sleeps. Might chew up something if he feels so inclined. He goes on school run with me. Weekend our days are dog friendly so he comes with us. He has dinner and another little walk in the evening. He loves the children so plays with them too (he's a small dog. Jack Russell x a few things). But mostly sleeps. He puts himself to bed between 9 and 10 pm.

Good luck with your dog search.

inwood Sat 31-Aug-19 00:01:25

Well mine has diabetes so we're in a very strict routine. Don't underestimate that even a young dog get any kind of ailment and it costs££££££.


stressystressy Sat 31-Aug-19 00:04:40

I am essentially a “dog nanny” to a 9 month old terrier. Right now his schedule looks like this:

- Let out into the garden at 7am for a wee
- Has a little play and then settles back to sleep for 45 mins
- Breakfast at 8am or so
- Taken out for a 20 minute walk
- Potters/sleeps around the house and garden, we both do a little training, I set up some brain games or scent work
- 12pm taken out for an hour (lots of sniffing, pottering, opportunities to toilet)
- More pottering/sleeping at home until the children get home from school
- Two hours of crazy behaviour and playing with his favourite little people
- Frozen Kong or chew to keep him occupied around 5pm
- 6pm dinner
- 7pm he starts to wind down for the evening and will happily snuggle next to you on the sofa
- 9pm another 20 min walk around the block before bed

As a small pup he had much shorter walks, and a condensed version of this routine was replayed multiple times a day in a continuous loop. He needed to be taken out to the garden for toilet breaks every 20/30 mins while he was awake. He is now reliably toilet trained even in unfamiliar surroundings.

ARudeTerriblePerson Sat 31-Aug-19 00:07:16

Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep wee sleep sleep sleep eat sleep sleep sleep walk poo sleep
11 year old terrier

Littlechocola Sat 31-Aug-19 00:09:34

Gets up when we get up. Eats, goes for a wee, sleeps. Goes for a w (don’t say it). Eats, has a wee, eats something she shouldn’t, gets overexcited after being chased around the room to get something out of her mouth. Sleeps. And on. And on. And on.

catsbeensickagain Sat 31-Aug-19 00:12:03

Weekdays- up at 7, walk, toilet, breakfast then another nap!
8am picked up by doggie daycare and runs around like a loon till 1pm
1-4 sleeps like a log according to our doggie cam
The great each family member home in ever more impressive display before walk, dinner, play, sleep!

Weekends- same but he is running like a loon in our garden or dragging me across some hillside!!

ilovepixie Sat 31-Aug-19 00:12:30

We get up, dog stays in bed. Force her out of bed to go for a walk as she doesn't want to go out. Force her home after a walk as she doesn't want to go home! Go home, eat, play and sleep, then repeat as above.

LuciferTheCat Sat 31-Aug-19 00:22:18

This is DD 15 dog. He’s her ‘world’ (her words)

08:00 Comes down and has breakfast and goes outside (we have a big garden, approx 2 acres so he doesn’t get walked everyday, he’s a shih tzu).

08:30 Goes back to bed where DD is still sleeping

10:30 Wakes up again and will probably stay with DD upstairs for a while.

11:00 Goes outside again then has a nap

Depending on the weather he’s either out most of the afternoon playing in the garden or in with DD on her bed sleeping.

19:00 He’s sleeping again by now

21:00 He has his tea then goes out again

22:00 Bed with DD

Bunnybigears Sat 31-Aug-19 00:29:20

Ddog sleeps in his bed in our bedroom so doesnt wakeup until we wake up.

Has breakfast immediately he is awake otherwise he jumps on the bed and wont leave us alone.

Morning walk about an hour after breakfast

Goes back to bed

Afternoon walk

Begs for treats and hangs around getting in the way


Evening walk

Goes back to bed

StillMedusa Sat 31-Aug-19 00:47:56

15 week puppy here...
Wakes around 6, wee in the garden then out for a little 15-20 min walk/mooch/sniff everything, have a poo.
Back to the house, breakfast and a mad half hour of chasing games then zonks.
Lunch and maybe a 10 min walk(weekends mostly)
Plays, sleeps.
Training walk.. go to field and off lead to chase pidgeons for 10 mins, walk home
Zonk for an hour then ZOOMIES!... mad running round the house and garden
A little supper snack (she's a big breed)
Zonk.. downstairs, lights out.
Interspersed with instant awakeness when family comes in..total excitement and lots of fuzzy kisses.
She's ace!

AlbertWinestein Sat 31-Aug-19 00:54:13

Ours are lazy bastards. They wake up whenever we do, even if it’s 10 am at the weekends. They eat when they’re hungry and have a dog flap in the back door and love playing in the back garden (we have an acre and a half).

They get one hour long hike a day, although one gets less in summer as he struggles with the heat. Then they get a 30 min local walk just before we go to bed. The rest of the time they just chill and sleep!

Girlintheframe Sat 31-Aug-19 06:20:01

Ours is 15 months now
Gets up when ever we are up (usually between 6.30-8 depending what day it is)
If it's a work day -
Straight onto sofa for morning cuddles.
7am - breakfast/toilet
7.30-4.30 daycare
4.45 - Home and has a carrot (sits by the fridge until you click on)
5.30 -tea time
6-7.30 - cuddles,nap,play,training
7.30 - quick 20 min walk
7.50 -naps till bed time
9.30 -bed

It's loosely the same routine when off work but will add in a long walk plus out to friends/shopping/scent training etc

Teacakeandalatte Sat 31-Aug-19 06:41:38

My dog is a 3 yr old lurcher. Her routine varies a bit depending on what we are doing. We have an early start normally I blame dh for this he is a morning person and has got ddog used to an early walk. If dh is off he always does the early walk but if he is working I do it.

6am get up and walk (immediately if dh or after coffee if me, she does seem to know the different way we do things and just goes back to sleep if I am on duty). Walk is about 45mins-1hr.
Eat a dog chew or biscuit
Sleep till about 11am then play or a little training if I am there otherwise she sleeps till I get home.
12 or 2pm depending on my working hours 2nd walk about 45min but could be longer depending on where we go. In the hot weather we have been leaving this walk till the evening or sometimes I just play with her in the garden where it is shady.
5pm dinner
6pm play in garden esp if she had a shorter walk. Watch dh eat his dinner very closely.
Kong or some kind of chew
8pm sleep she often takes herself to bed about 9.

LiveInAHidingPlace Sat 31-Aug-19 06:55:57

Wakes up at 7, eats breakfast, 20 minute walk.

Chills out til 12 or so, maybe has a wander round the house while my husband works (he works from home). Goes for another 20 minute walk.

I get home at 1 or 2 and he goes mental. We usually play for a bit and then have a nap together or he does some nosework.

6PM eats dinner and goes for another walk. We eat dinner and might take him for a longer walk, an hour or two. Otherwise we chill together, play, cuddle etc.

10PM take him for final walk and bed.

Weekends, at least one day is pretty much for him, park, dog friendly cafe, go to the beach or whatever. Other day he'll usually come with us or one of us goes out and he stays at home with the other and follows usual routine.

Parkandride Sat 31-Aug-19 06:56:15

7 year old rescue lurchers typical week day, a bit different when we work from home and at weekends as he gets longer off lead walks

6.15 up for a pee, wanders the house
7.00 short walk
7.20 left with his breakfast then snoozes
10.00 dog walker, they give him a frozen
kong / licky mat when they leave him. Then he snoozes
14.00 dog walker as above
16.30 I come home, his tea time, he then stares at me while I make our food and potters around. We might do a little training or a brain game or I'll hide treats for him to sniff out
18.00 DH is home, zooming around and they love to wrestle
20.00 on the sofa to snooze the evening away
21.45 last pee and bedtime

missbattenburg Sat 31-Aug-19 07:05:03

Get up at 6.30-7

Go straight out for a walk - about an hour

Get back at about 8

Mooch about getting fuss from anyone else who has got up.

I go upstairs to the office about 9

Dog mooches/sleeps to about 11

Then starts pestering for a walk

I break for lunch about 12 and take dog out

Back about 1pm

Dog sleeps most the afternoon but sometimes I break mid afternoon and brush him or we do trick training

I stop work just before six

I have dinner

Dog has dinner

Dog has 30 mins playtime with me and/or trick training if we didn't do any earlier. I don't really need him to do tricks but he really likes training for them and it's easy to turn them into useful behaviours such as teeth brushing.

Settle down for evening. Often with an antler or similar to chew.

Bed from 10pm

missbattenburg Sat 31-Aug-19 07:05:43

Breakfast happens somewhere in there but timing varies as he's not a massive fan of breakie.

ThisIsNotAIBUPeople Sat 31-Aug-19 07:33:15

I love reading all of these, thank you everyone. Seems it varies depending on DDog's age, temperment etc, but the common theme seems to be as DogInATent describesgrin
I think the dog will sleep upstairs with me as my cats stay downstairs overnight, hopefully in its own bed but probably on minesmile I was worried I would have to get up super early to let it out for a wee but seems lots of your older doggies can last until 7am ish.

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ThisIsNotAIBUPeople Sat 31-Aug-19 07:34:03

Love that t shirt DogInATentgringrin

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FLOrenze Sat 31-Aug-19 07:36:54

Dog sleeps in a bed In my room. 5am like clockwork jumps on my bed and pushes me over so she can get comfy.
6am I get up, dog won’t come off my bed until she hears breakfast being put in bowl.
After breakfast, gets in the arm chair to finish her sleep.
Mid morning, a one hour walk, then sleep till lunch time
After lunch sleep again until afternoon walk in the forest.
6 pm Dinner then mithering to play with her toys which she has ignored all day. Plays with us and toys until around 9 and then sleeps again.
When we go to bed she goes from room to room to make sure everyone is in their bed then sleeps on an off during the night.

I can’t sleep without the window open so she jumps up and barks at every little sound. Usually this involves jumping on the bed and barking out of the window. . Dog is definitely a night owl, I am thinking of getting her an “I hate mornings bowl”.

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