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What’s the best thing you have bought your dog?

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Purplecatshopaholic Fri 30-Aug-19 17:42:02

Further to earlier thread about the worst things you have bought your dog - what are the best? I got him a cool mat for summer and a heat pad for winter (he feels the cold). Both brilliant. His ruff wear web master harness was also totally worth the money.

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OnceUponAMidnightBeery Fri 30-Aug-19 17:54:02

A stretchy bugee rope toy. He loves it!
Washable dog pads for my elderly incontinent terriers.
Arm&Hammer dental spray. They all hate tooth cleaning, and noticed a reduction in plaque too!

Letsnotargue Fri 30-Aug-19 17:55:44

A reindeer antler chew. It kept him going for months.

Springcleanish Fri 30-Aug-19 17:59:06

A Julius K9 harness. She pulls terribly on a collar, as soon as harness is on she behaves perfectly.

A kong, only toy she hasn’t broken and still loves, can be filled with healthy treats or normal food and keeps her busy.

She would say her tennis ball. She is completely obsessed by it!

squee123 Fri 30-Aug-19 18:01:59

Chew root - no more smelly bones and mine love them.

Orvis dog beds. Pricey but extremely comfortable and last very well.

Little silicone travel dog bowl to keep in my bag for water on the go. Dogs are big but will happily drink out of the mini bowl.

LemonWaterDuck Fri 30-Aug-19 18:02:36

A snuffle mat, a licky mat, flirt pole and a backpack so he could carry his own poo bags and tennis balls. grin

FortunaMajor Fri 30-Aug-19 18:04:16

A boomer ball. They're designed for lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I figured if zoo animals can't destroy them then it would last. Now on the second dog to play with it. Both have loved playing with it and I think it will outlast us all.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Fri 30-Aug-19 18:14:25

Tuffies dog bed. The mattress is waterproof so can be scrubbed down while you wash the cover. Really long lasting too.

tryingtobebetterallthetime Fri 30-Aug-19 18:36:37

His little lamb chop toy. He absolutely loves it. First thing out of his toy dish when he comes in the door. He is little and the toy is only about 4 inches tall so it fits his mouth nicely.

Span1elsRock Fri 30-Aug-19 18:40:42

Ruffwear harnesses. Our older dog has had his for 4 years, it's washed constantly and is still solid. Our puppy hasn't chewed hers so far touch wood.

And a Tuffies bed. Cost nearly £200 but they love it. We've just got back from holiday and they couldn't jump in it quickly enough grin

FelicityMarbles Fri 30-Aug-19 21:17:57

Recently bought a drying coat ... it’s brilliant.
He likes to go in the local stream and get soaking wet (then dry himself on my carpets and sofa in a wild frenzy when he gets home)
He used to hate being towel dried, so it wasn’t very successful.
Now I pop the drying coat on him and he still rolls around a bit but then snuggles up beside me and goes to sleep.
And gets dry!

Girlintheframe Sat 31-Aug-19 06:39:09

I 2nd the silicone drinking bowl. Take it every where and particularly good if you go hillwalking.
The little poo bag dispensers you attach to the lead with rolls of poo bags inside. No more hunting for bags, questioning if you've remember them (you haven't!) or alternatively finding them in every single pocket of every single piece of clothing you own! grin

BiteyShark Sat 31-Aug-19 06:43:40

A ball, followed by another ball. Seriously the only toy he wants is a ball.

Baby gates are still up and used and he is coming up to three years old. They keep him safe when we have the house door open.

RuggyPeg Sat 31-Aug-19 06:51:33

Likit mat.

Rubyduby26 Sat 31-Aug-19 07:13:56

Dreamland relaxwell faux fur heated throw.

Not cheap for a dog throw but's been used every single day for over 3 years and still works great and looks lovely! It's machine washable too which is ideal.

She absolutely loves it, in the summer we don't switch it on but it's still on the sofa for her to sleep on. And in the winter she loves getting cosy on it smile

whereiwanttobe Sat 31-Aug-19 07:22:42

@GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman and @Span1elsRock, which Tuffies bed did you buy? Our 5 month old spaniel refuses to use the soft bed we bought him - he just fights with the cushion and drags it around the floor! But we'd like him to have a cosy winter bed for when we don't crate him at night anymore - assuming that he stops eating everything in sight one day.....

RussellTheLoveMuscle Sat 31-Aug-19 15:57:01

Ball on a rope. Also, a clicker for training.

MrsJasonIsbell Sat 31-Aug-19 16:11:33

Springcleanish what type of dog and what size harness? My Mum is finding it hard to walk my 32 kilo Labrador on the lead and I'm looking for a harness. TIA.

BrokenWing Sat 31-Aug-19 16:20:41

After many cheaper beds we splurged on an Orvis bed for our labrador (just a memory foam square one). 4 years old and still like new.

pigsDOfly Sat 31-Aug-19 19:35:37

My expensive new sofa.

Yes, seriously.

I've had the old one the whole of her life and when I got the new one I thought she'd be at best, puzzled by the change, and at worse, she'd refuse to go near it - as happened when I first got a new bed. I thought she might want to sit on the old one - it's still in the room waiting for collection by the person who I'm giving it to.

She's loved the new one from the word go. She spends much more time on it than she did on the old one and spreads herself out as if enjoying the whole firmer newness of it; thank god I bought a very large throw.

Apart from that, her sheep. Had it all her life and she's totally faithful to it. Apart from her ball, her sheep is the only toy she plays with.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 31-Aug-19 19:35:49

@whereiwanttobe, I got a Tuffie's mattress for each of them. In retrospect I think a Tuffie's nest each would have been cosier in our draughty house in the winter. On the other hand the mattresses are dead easy to wash and the covers are simple to change.

bengalcat Sat 31-Aug-19 19:36:47

Wild boar sausages

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 31-Aug-19 19:38:09

I should also say, if you have a gundog breed, training dummies will give you and the dog hours of fun.

The most useful thing I bought myself is a bumbag for the treats, lead, poo bags, penknife, tennis ball, mobile phone, keys and some change.

whereiwanttobe Sat 31-Aug-19 20:15:52

@GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman thank you. Coincidentally I ordered a bumbag just this morning as I hated the dog treat bag we'd already bought, and we just started scent training at home today, so will be investing in a dummy or two. Many thanks.

We've wasted so much money on a puppy sling, a box style car seat which he scrambled out of and chewed through, harnesses that turn him into a sledge dog, the bed he won't use, puppy pads and vet pads that he chewed so had to be confiscated, cuddly toys that lasted 5 minutes - the list is endless.

Our favourite thing at the moment is a 15m training lead as his recall is not great yet (particularly when other dogs are around) but he gets to run 'free' and sniff to his hearts content, while we keep him safe. Much better than the retractable dog leads which also got chewed through in minutes.

ImogenTubbs Sun 01-Sep-19 09:52:57

A massive thick rope toy that cost about £40. He is big and has strong jaws so he was chewing through everything else. He LOVES this toy and it's still going strong almost a year later. It has saved me money in the long run.

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