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MsMarvellous Wed 28-Aug-19 11:51:27

I've a 19 week old Dalmatian puppy who is growing fast. I have him on three meals a day and have done since about 10 weeks as he never ate all his 4 meals so I tried spreading them out and it did the trick.

He's lately stopped eating his middle of the day meal. Or he will, but he picks at it and grazes rather than just eating.

Should I up the ante on brain games for feeding (I already have 2/3 puzzle feeders in rotation) or should I drop his middle meal.

Everything I've read says he needs the 3 meals as he's growing but I don't want him bored and not enjoying it. Any tips?

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missbattenburg Wed 28-Aug-19 12:56:53

I stopped feeding 3 meals when battendog stopped eating his lunch. If I remember correctly it was at about the same age.

He still had the same amount of food, but split over 2 meals.

EnidPrunehat Wed 28-Aug-19 13:36:28

DPup dropped lunch at a very similar age. He simply stopped being interested so I fed him the same daily amount but just split into two.

MsMarvellous Wed 28-Aug-19 14:23:11

Thanks both. I think I'll try it from tomorrow and see how we go. In theory it'll make life a bit easier

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