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Sprollie tinder?!

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gingerginger2 Tue 27-Aug-19 23:56:20

Is this a done thing I wonder?

I know a male sprollie who would make brilliant puppies, and I'd really love to have one of them as our dog. How do you go about finding a female sprollie owner who might like her to have a litter? Is that even possible?

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OrchidInTheSun Wed 28-Aug-19 00:01:18

What's a sprollie? confused

gingerginger2 Wed 28-Aug-19 00:02:50

sorry, springer/collie cross.

i've only just found out the name and it's amusing!

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missbattenburg Wed 28-Aug-19 07:14:10

You know he would make brilliant puppies because you just happen to know the results of all his genetic and health tests and have spent extensive time with him in a variety of circumstances to be sure of his temperament?

You want one of his puppies, even if that particular puppy ends up inheriting most of the influential genes from the mother because you understand that genetic inheritence is random and there are no guarantees?

You are looking for someone who wants to breed puppies that is an excellent and responsible breeder and you're hoping they choose their studs based on looser criteria than good breeders tend to so this sprollie is in with a chance?

AgathaF Wed 28-Aug-19 07:38:48

There are already too many designer dogs being breed without due care to the testing process, temperament of parents and therefore puppies, lack of sound knowledge from the breeders, lack of care over where the puppies are homed and so on and so on. Don't add another one to the mix.

fivedogstofeed Wed 28-Aug-19 08:16:48

You post his picture on Gumtree and find some other feckless idiot who wants to make a quick buck from their dog.

Or you catch a grip and notice the number of mongrel puppies in rescue, with springer x collie being one of the most common unwanted crosses.


Bunnybigears Wed 28-Aug-19 08:20:39

A Springer mixed with a Collie sounds like a recipe for disaster. Two of the most neurotic, highly strung, bundles of non exhaustable energy and you want to mix them together?!

PrayingandHoping Wed 28-Aug-19 08:26:05

@Bunnybigears description is accurate which is why they are quite a popular dog in the agility world!!! I know a few.... nice dogs but not a calm family pet. None bred responsibly.

gingerginger2 Wed 28-Aug-19 10:50:53


Firstly , it was only a light hearted question, (hence the reference to tinder) not a declaration of an empire. But points taken, thanks.

And second, I had a springer/collie cross as a kid and she was a brilliant dog, calm, clever, empathetic, trainable, loyal , and this dog that I know is also a brilliant dog. Might be a coincidence, but I don’t necessarily think that it’s as simple as looking at a dog’s traits on paper.

Anyway, never mind! As you were.

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fivedogstofeed Wed 28-Aug-19 11:38:24

I have two fabulous sprollies who came to me as unwanted pups. If you want an energetic, trainable dog then it's an amazing cross, but there is literally reason to encourage random breeding.

adaline Wed 28-Aug-19 12:47:39

Oh dear, this won't go down well here OP.

poorbuthappy Wed 28-Aug-19 12:49:46

My sprollie (who was just a mongrel when I got her in 2003) was a fantastic dog. Not even close to being a recipe for disaster.
A mongrel who didn't cost us £400 which frankly is a ridiculous amount of money for a mongrel.
Makes me bloody sick.

gingerginger2 Wed 28-Aug-19 12:50:13

So I see! Which was kinda the question I was asking, and I got a useful response and point taken! Job done x

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gingerginger2 Wed 28-Aug-19 12:51:30

Yeah I ‘be only just realised my dog, and this dog are now called strollers! Amazing indeed. And yes fantastic dogs!

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gingerginger2 Wed 28-Aug-19 12:51:46

Sprollies, not strollers

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