Carpal pad injury - waterproof dog boot recommendations?

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WiggleButt Tue 27-Aug-19 10:44:57

WigglePup has managed to tear both of his carpal pads, we suspect while he had the zoomies on a walk yesterday afternoon.

It doesn't seem to be bothering him too much. No limping, still eating and wanting to play/run around, not withdrawn etc, but obviously they will be hurting and we're conscious they need to be kept very clean.

We've cleaned out the injuries with saline and bandaged them up. We have put socks over the top of the bandages and have lightly taped them on for now, but would like some proper waterproof boots so we can take him out when it's due to rain this week (currently using plastic bags but would prefer something longer lasting as I know pad injuries can take a fair bit of time to heal).

Does anyone have any recommendations for good quality dog boots? He's a big aussie, so large rather than medium would probably be a better fit. The boot would need to cover the bandage so a taller one would be ideal. He's only 1 and pretty hyperactive, so the sturdier the better!

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fivedogstofeed Tue 27-Aug-19 18:21:25

I had these when ddog had a similar injury. The velcro means you can strap them on fairly tightly for walks.
We also had some waterproof dog socks from Amazon, which covered the bandage and meant he could wander in and out of the garden without getting wet.

WiggleButt Wed 28-Aug-19 08:50:27

Thanks fivedogstofeed, they look great.

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