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How long do your pups sleep overnight?

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Keepsmiling1 Sun 25-Aug-19 14:38:14

We brought home our 8 week old puppy on Friday. The first night he slept quite well in a crate next to our bed. He went to sleep at 9.30pm and woke up twice for a wee and then woke up at 6.15am for the day.

Last night he went to sleep at 10pm and woke at 3am for a wee then up again at 5.30am. We tried to put him back in the crate but he just cried. I don't know if that's because he was in the crate or he just wasn't tired and wanted to get up.

5.30am is a bit early for us and we would prefer it if he was up around 6.30/7am. Should we just leave him in the crate to cry until we want to get up or are we expecting him to sleep too long overnight and should be getting up with him?

We are happy to stay up later with him before going to bed but by 9.30pm he seems so tired and just lies there not wanting to play or anything. I'm finding it quite overwhelming and just want to start as we mean to go on!

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BiteyShark Sun 25-Aug-19 14:46:24

It isn't uncommon for puppies to get up a couple of times in the night needing to toilet at that age. It also isn't uncommon for them to want to start the day at that time.

Maybe join the puppy survival thread on here if you aren't on it already.

raspberryk Sun 25-Aug-19 15:32:44

Our 9/10 week pup generally wakes once around 2/3, sometimes as late as 5, night before last she slept all night. She wants to get up any time after 6, this morning was almost 9, yesterday after 8. She sleeps in her bed in our room though and I think she takes the sleeping cues from us. I'm a bad pup parent as any time after 6 before 7.30 I let her snooze on our bed.
I would not let them get in the routine of early waking.

plantwhisperer Sun 25-Aug-19 15:37:40

It's normal for them to wake for a while in the beginning, they need wee's more frequently and are usually adjusting to new home/not being with siblings anymore and sleeping alone!

Our pup is now a year & a half (spaniel) and sleeps 10/11pm- 8am.

Keepsmiling1 Sun 25-Aug-19 18:05:18

@raspberryk what time does your pup go to bed?

I'm not too worried about waking in the night (although obviously I'm looking forward to when he can sleep all night) it's more what time he starts the day at. I wasn't sure if I kept him awake later at night if that would make a difference? Or if I should be more persistent in the morning and leave him whining in his crate till a reasonable hour?

We did try putting him on our bed at 5.30am but he thought it was playtime and was bouncing around everywhere!

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squee123 Sun 25-Aug-19 18:13:14

just be persistent. Let him out for a wee and then back to bed until you're ready to get up. Only actually let him out in the morning when he is having a settled moment (i.e. not full whine). He'll soon get the hang of it

rosesinmygarden Mon 26-Aug-19 08:04:32

Our 11 week old collie x sleeps in her crate 10pm - 7pm and has done since night 2. No accidents. She's our second dog and I now wish I'd craved the 1st one, but maybe we are just lucky with this one?

Is your puppy in a crate?

MissShapesMissStakes Mon 26-Aug-19 08:50:29

We got our pup at 10 weeks and he was amazingly sleeping through from day 1!
He would settle around 10 and not get up in the night at all. He did still wake for the day around 5.30 for a few weeks. I would get up and let him out. Then sit down on the settee and read/watch my iPad. So he would then go back to sleep anyway (and I enjoyed an hour or so of peace before the rest of the house got up!). Then it gradually got later. Now he is just one. He wakes around 8 when he hears us up and about.

raspberryk Mon 26-Aug-19 09:04:00

We go up anytime between 9.30 and midnight usually. Makes no difference as pup sleeps all evening anyway wherever she is.

BiteyShark Mon 26-Aug-19 09:07:01

I tried the 'keeping pup up later' and all I ended up with was a over tired even more bitey monster.

As they get older they will sleep longer. I do think if you sleep with them in your room they might stay asleep for longer whereas ours was in a different room as a puppy so when he was awake all he wanted was to be with us.

SuperheroBirds Mon 26-Aug-19 12:01:44

I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old (both golden retrievers). They typically sleep through from 10:30/11pm to 7am.
When we only had the older dog (and he was a puppy) he used to wake us up at 5:30am every morning. After months of trying different things, we thought we would try moving his dinner time later, so that he wasn’t waking up hungry in the morning. It worked almost instantly! We had been feeding him at 7pm and 7am, by switching to 9pm and 9am, it shifted his whole day (and therefore wake up time).
Obviously puppies have a small bladder so for the first few weeks we were having to take our youngest out in the middle of the night when we first got her. But now she sleeps through until 7am-ish too, and has her evening meal at about 9pm.

fanniboz Mon 26-Aug-19 12:14:03

My lab is 13 months now but up until she was about 7 months she would wake us up very early, about 5am for the toilet and would refuse to go back to bed but would sleep on the couch downstairs grin she hit 7 months and totally changed, has slept like a dream all night every night and in the morning can hold it in until someone lets her out which can be anywhere from 7-10ish. The early days are rough, we originally planned to crate her overnight but we couldn't get her in til 1am and she was up at 4ish for toilet and would stay up until 5, then be up again for the day between 6 and 7. We gave up out of exhaustion and let her in bed and she immediately slept like a dream all night hmm what's happening with your pup is totally normal and does get better (eventually grin)

Keepsmiling1 Mon 26-Aug-19 13:59:41

@rosesinmygarden yes he is in a crate in our room.

@raspberryk @BiteyShark he has been going to sleep between 9.30-10pm and I wasn't sure if I should try keeping him up later so he would sleep in more in the morning.

Last night was ok - he slept from 10pm-5am when he had a wee then went back to sleep with minimal whining. He woke again at 6.15am for a poo and then we got up with him although ideally I'd have liked a bit more sleep grinI did think about trying him in my bed then but was worried he wouldn't want to go back into the crate tonight.

In the long term I would like him to sleep in his bed in my room but not until he is house trained.

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toastedbeagle Mon 26-Aug-19 14:59:18

I’ve an 8 week old pup too, only had 3 night but she’s slept 9:30 til 5:15am in her crate in the kitchen. Not whined at all until she wakes for a wee. I can see that’s early for some people but after two crap sleeping kids anything after 5am feels like a bonus!!

Chelsea567 Mon 26-Aug-19 21:30:21

My first pup went into crate at 12pm. We waited for the crying and screaming and heard nothing! Woke her up clean and dry at 6:30.. outside for wee and poo. Second puppy screamed like a banshee all night , got up to him 3 times took him out. Spent 15 minutes each time with him trying to scramble up my leg. No poo no wee all 3 times. Crate clean. Tonight ( night 3) going to leave him - earplugs in, wake him up at 5:30. I don't mind having to get up but not if nothing is going to come out!!!

raspberryk Mon 26-Aug-19 21:56:39

We haven't had any accidents upstairs at night since we had her a week and a half ago, there is a puppy pad just in case but she barks to let us know she needs to go out. Last night she slept til dp woke her when he got up for the loo at 8.
Not sure how anyone "keeps puppy awake" she is asleep most of the time in the day and evening with the odd half hour to hour burst of play.

Keepsmiling1 Wed 28-Aug-19 22:03:57

@raspberryk you are lucky with the lack of accidents! Our pup has had 5 wee accidents today alone!!

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raspberryk Wed 28-Aug-19 22:48:48

Oh bloody hell that is a nightmare, we had 1 yesterday that was entirely my fault. No others at all.

VLCDoingIt Wed 28-Aug-19 22:49:35

My 6 month old pup sleeps 10pm to 10am. He's lazy.

Keepsmiling1 Thu 29-Aug-19 09:00:09

@raspberryk was your pup toilet trained when he came home to you? If not, what have you been doing?

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StillMedusa Thu 29-Aug-19 09:31:18

Mine 15 weeks, generally dozes from about 10pm and I go to bed at midnight.. she has to be downstairs because of the cat. She wakes when my daughter gets up for work at 6am and then I go down and take her out. She has not needed a wee at night since she was 10 weeks old.
Weekdays it's fine (as I have to be up for work son works evening shifts so he is with her all day) but I wish she'd learn to lie on at the weekend!!

raspberryk Thu 29-Aug-19 11:23:00

Not so lucky today she slept so long she was bursting overnight and made it to the back door but pee'd on the door mat blush.
I guess she was pretty much house trained, we just take her out first thing and after meals and sleeps. When she has done her business she gets a treat. When the door is open she takes herself and if she needs to go any other time she makes her way to the back door. Never had mess in the crate or upstairs. She's not used the puppy pads since she's been home but that's what the breeder used. We got a Pee post as we would like her to use a certain part of the garden but often she uses the grass directly outside the door.

EnidPrunehat Thu 29-Aug-19 12:06:17

My 'about to be 8 months old' pup was, goes to bed somewhere between 10.30 and midnight and once reliably house-trained was happy to sleep in as long as possible. He often likes an early pee but provided this is before 7.30, he simply goes out, has the pee and hastens back upstairs again. In fact he looks horrified if he sees the general signs of getting up this early. But then he's a lurcher. They're not morning dogs!

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