Going from 2 dogs to 3

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Maneandfeathers Sun 25-Aug-19 11:06:57

How much more work was it?

My current two are perfectly well behaved, house trained, sleep most of the day and get on like a house on fire. There is an age gap between the two and dog1 isn’t playing as much with dog2 but they are still of a similar activity level. I think dog1 will start slowing down in a couple of years so I was considering a third when this happens. Dog2 has separation anxiety and can’t be left alone without dog1 which complicates matters but on the whole both dogs are no trouble.

A friend has offered me a puppy of the same breed but I wasn’t actually considering number 3 for another few years although I’ve thought about it before. I currently have a male and a female.

How much did dog3 change the dynamic of your house if at all?

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