It's been a while.. run through costs with me

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Coffeeandchocolate9 Fri 23-Aug-19 23:57:09

Small dog rescue might be coming to me. It has been a while since I had a dog and the last one was big so I just want to check what I need to budget for.

Harness/lead/collar, bedding, toys all already sorted.

Kibble & treats (anybody able to tell me how much you spend feeding a terrier a month?)

Vaccinations, worming (she's spayed), flea/tick treatment

Insurance, and vets bills

Maybe a crate

A bit of cost to wire mesh existing gate and dog proof garden in general

... what else?

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Girlintheframe Sat 24-Aug-19 04:53:53

Do you need a baby gate so that you can put pup somewhere safe/keep them from going upstairs etc?

Do you have a car? If so you will need something to keep dog safe. We use a harness that goes into the seat belt.

We are about £48 a month on dog food but that's for a medium sized dog.

BasiliskStare Sat 24-Aug-19 05:43:36

I suspect insurance will be the big one - but we have a thing with Medivet which for a fee per month * I can check if interested , they provide all worming / flea stuff weigh them etc etc - i.e. the normal maintenance. Sorry not to have the number to hand but the fee is relatively modest I think ( I have two terriers )
Insurance is a moveable feast and much more as they get older - I think our last quote was something like £850 for two terriers ( but they are 10 & 11 )
One thing to look at is that if you give a certain donation to the Dog's Trust you can do 3rd party insurance for your dog for about £25.
I ended up changing our insurance when as above it stated getting into £7 / 800 territory. and I will look it up if you want me to - I think it may have been Tesco - so much cheaper than anywhere else - more sort of £140. The excess I think is more but then we have never had a real accident / illness which has made a claim worthwhile ( i.e. normally paid for below excess )

Sorry that has probably been extremely unhelpful but if anything sparks an interest I will look up my specific documents / costs ( two border terriers )

BobTheFishermansWife Sat 24-Aug-19 06:00:50

I have a chihuahua x yorkie who is rescue.

- Food and treats: approx £30 a month that's 4 boxes of pedigree pouches (12 per box) and 3 packets of treats

- vaccines, worming etc: petplan through me duvet is £14 per month (they grade it on dog size and weight, so a terrier would be the same) covers all yearly vaccines, monthly worm and flea tablets etc and 10% discount on treatments.

- insurance and vet bills: he isn't insured as the quotes we got were crazy (he has a list of health issues that he came with) he's 14 next week and we've had him 4 years, he's cost us about £2.5k in that time. Teeth removal, hip op and bloods etc to look at why his fur fell out before we got him.

We've got 3 beds for him throughout the house, they were about £20 each.

In reality, he isn't an expensive dog to have really, especially now he's had the ops and checks done.

I can't think of anything else helpful atm but please ask if you want anything else.

BobTheFishermansWife Sat 24-Aug-19 06:01:31

Medivet not through me duvet, sorry auto correct.

Kyvia Sat 24-Aug-19 06:17:41

Chihuahua x terrier

Food/treats about £30-40/month

Routine health stuff (vaccs/flea/worm/health checks etc) £13/month plan at the vets

Insurance about £350/year - she’s still quite young - we’ve already had 2 claims of >£1k each though for basically severe tummy upsets as nothing serious found but she’s a bit of a drama llama and ended up on a drip for a few days each time and all the blood tests/scans etc.

Poo bags buy in bulk online so not much at all really - maybe £5/month if that

I also indulge her with new collar/harness every so often, and she has quite a selection of jumpers/hoodies/coats for colder weather because she does feel it being quite tiny with a thin/short coat - probably spend £40-50/year on these kind of things, and same again on toys that eventually get destroyed.

Should probably factor in the cost of all the socks she chews holes in as well, that’s her obsession!

missbattenburg Sat 24-Aug-19 07:21:46

JRTs - 6kg

Food: about £20pm. This is a mix of dry and wet good quality food, but we are probably getting it a bit cheap because we can buy in larger quantities and the bigger springer easts most of it. Treats have been more but as they get older they have less and less treats because of weight and stomach sensitivity. They also get a supplement for joints which costs about £10 but this is obs optional.

Insurance: about £50pm per dog. This is for a mid-top level insurance but not quite the best.

Vaccines and flea treatment - about £45 every 3 months.

They don't go to a boarder or walker for any reason but this would be a bit cost if you wanted to do so. It isn't size dependent and 2 walks a week for our springer costs me just over £100pm.

One off or adhoc expenses:
leads, plural
ID tag
travel crate for car
blankets for sofas
grooming stuff (brushes, nail clippers etc)
first aid stuff
toys, esp tennis balls
winter coats


Pipandmum Sat 24-Aug-19 07:30:57

Cost of kennels if you go away.
I have two medium sized dogs. They cost about £30/month to feed. I cancelled the pet insurance it was getting e ur dice and so far no issues. One of the digs has done dirt if allergy (half her hair fell out) but the insurance wouldn’t have paid out as each bill was never above excess.
Biggest expense by far is boarding for 16 days st Christmas. Other times if we’re away a couple nights I have a friend who stays. That adds £650 to annual costs.

Coffeeandchocolate9 Mon 26-Aug-19 12:23:37

Thanks everybody, that's been very helpful!

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