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leenybobs86 Wed 21-Aug-19 09:38:00

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for advice. We have a nearly 7 month old lab puppy who hasn't been well for nearly a week. Started with diarrhoea, then passing blood when pooing with some vomiting. We went to the vet who started antibiotics and anti-parasite and probiotic. All vaccinations up to date. There was initial improvement and then a few days ago was sick again. So we went back to the vets and he had bloods and an abdominal x-ray to make sure no blockage. They looked ok. Advice was to carry on with bland diet and see how he goes. They gave us some of the special digestion food. He had a couple of small episodes of diarrhoea last night and is completely disinterested in any food today. Managed a little walk, quite tired. Has had a little drink. Am I expecting him to improve too quickly? I'm just very worried!! Thanks

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 22-Aug-19 12:00:14


So sorry to hear your puppy is poorly.

We're going to move your thread over to the dog house, as we're sure there are Mumsnetters over there who may have a bit more advice for you.

Hope it's all sorted soon. flowers

Bestronger Thu 22-Aug-19 12:27:27

Poor thing! Cooked rice normally help their tummy to get better and I do often give my DDog a chicken when he isn't eating much (due feeling poorly or massively distracted by his orange ball that he forgets to eat!)

Hope he gets better ASAP.

HeyYouWhatToDo Thu 22-Aug-19 18:25:48

It could be a few things....

What's he eating??

Wet dog food gives my dog bloody diarrhoea.

What anti parasite stuff did they give? Advocate made my old dog really lethargic so we never used it again.

Our old dog had a "bug" he picked up in kennels and could hardly stand, he perked up quite quickly when he started anti biotics, only ate plain rice and had pro biotics paste.

I would give just plain rice, maybe some boiled chicken and see how he goes??? Is he drinking?
If you are worried then go back to the vets.

adaline Thu 22-Aug-19 21:18:06

Has he been tested for Giardia?

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