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Do your dogs huff?

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fleshmarketclose Tue 20-Aug-19 20:07:25

Bella makes me laugh because she huffs like that Harry Enfield character. Tell her to get down she huffs, tell her to go in she huffs, the phone rings when she is sleeping she huffs, I sneeze she huffs it really is like having a stroppy teen.

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BobTheFishermansWife Tue 20-Aug-19 20:08:57

Yes, Teddy will huff, he also sighs, especially when the baby starts crying 😂

GinGeum Tue 20-Aug-19 20:10:02

All the bloody time. Quite often he will look at me first as if to say 'are you fucking kidding me' and then huff as he turns away. He is a brilliant sulker!

BiteyShark Tue 20-Aug-19 20:10:06

All the bloody time.

The worst is in the car. He is a real back seat driver hmm

GinGeum Tue 20-Aug-19 20:11:36

Ours used to be worst when we had an excitable little spaniel. She was so happy and bubbly but also slightly crazy. He would sometimes just look over to her and huff/sigh as if she was a silly younger sibling cramping his style!

Windydaysuponus Tue 20-Aug-19 20:12:44

I work ft on a Friday, when I get in and speak to ddog2 she turns her head away and won't acknowledge me til Sat!!

fleshmarketclose Tue 20-Aug-19 20:20:59

Glad to know she's not the only one then. Is it a dog trait or something they picked up from humans I wonder hmm

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Kayjay2018 Tue 20-Aug-19 20:38:59

@fleshmarketclose our youngest (a boy) 16 months, answers back when told off. Our girl (5 years) actually does a physical sulk. We call it the resting goose.

BiteyShark Tue 20-Aug-19 20:46:25

I think there must be some element of them picking it up from us.

BiteyDog does like to make his feelings known grin

fleshmarketclose Tue 20-Aug-19 20:50:00

Oh that is definitely a dog in a sulk grin Eric doesn't huff but he growls if you make a noise when he is sleeping and he tells you off if you call him a poodle grin and sits on exh's knee licking him until he reassures him he's a shih tzu confused Eric also complains if you call him Turkey, he's a weird dog.

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HeadintheiClouds Tue 20-Aug-19 20:53:56

Kayjay your dog is gorgeous 😃

strongthighedbargeman Tue 20-Aug-19 21:37:47

Our boxer was a champion huffer

Teacakeandalatte Tue 20-Aug-19 21:40:56

My dog huffs if you stroke her when she is not in the mood and she does some very human sounding groans as she sinks into a chair after a long day.

elastamum Tue 20-Aug-19 21:42:55

We have a St Bernard Cross collie who gives us the most hard done by look and does a huge huff everytime DP makes him get off the bed.

bengalcat Tue 20-Aug-19 21:43:19

Mine sighs - so funny

PookieDo Wed 21-Aug-19 12:21:09

Mine huffs and sighs. I find the sighs sad and will always give an extra cuddle grin

HeyYouWhatToDo Wed 21-Aug-19 16:05:14

Oh yes I have a huffer....and if we ignore him and don't give into his Huffs he will steal something and hold it looking at us until we take it off him!!

stucknoue Wed 21-Aug-19 16:31:28

Yep, sulks and hides things from time to time, found the PlayStation controller and car keys in his bed unchewed just hidden badly.

Squirrel26 Wed 21-Aug-19 21:04:53

Yep, he huffs if he doesn’t understand what I’m asking him to do, and also if he thinks he’s done the right thing and a treat isn’t forthcoming quickly enough. Huffing escalates to flouncing, and then to throwing himself on the floor. grin

saaagp Wed 21-Aug-19 21:44:22

Yes, my boy huffs when I stop hand feeding him treats (roast chicken mostly). He's very spoilt it but he deserves it.

Crimebustersofthesea Wed 21-Aug-19 22:24:26

Yep we've got a huffer. He's also a terrible sulker, I've been away for a couple of days and he won't even look at me. Come bedtime I know from experience that he'll go on Dh's side of the bed with his back turned to me. Once the light goes off though he'll come over to me for a cuddle. Coz I won't know when it's dark hmm

adaline Thu 22-Aug-19 09:39:15


He huffed this morning because he had to get up, huffed because he wanted toast, then again because it was raining on our walk and again when I got him back out of the car to drop him with my in-laws!

He's such a drama queen 😂

MadCap Thu 22-Aug-19 09:47:59

@Kayjay2018 My boy back chats too, especially when I tell him to stop barking at the students next door. He hates them.

missbattenburg Thu 22-Aug-19 09:52:51

Battendog huffs. He especially huffs when he is in the mood for playtime or trouble and instead I tell him to lie down. "Huff" he goes as he lies down - which is canine for "you're no fun!"

Kayjay2018 Thu 22-Aug-19 09:55:14

@MadCap I find it very funny, although if I understood dog bark language he may be saying something rude I wouldn't like!

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