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Weird one about dog wee and stepson

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GeraldineFangedVagine Mon 19-Aug-19 21:56:04

So, I have a greyhound, three years old, housetrained, had her for about 6 months. She has never made a mistake in the house, but..,,,my stepson on three occasions has said she’s peed in his room. I’m dubious as a) he’s very jealous of the dog b) has form for doing things like peeing on stuff, c) often lies and d) he is the only one who ever ‘sees’ her doing it.
So what I’m asking is how likely is an otherwise housetrained dog to pee in just one room of the house? She cries to be let out whenever with us, even in the night and can be left without accidents when we go out, once for 4 hours. I do not want to disbelieve him, but want to deal with this sensitively. Don’t want to make him upset or not trust us. I suppose I am asking the unanswerable, who do I believe the boy or the hound? Thanks in advance smile

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HennyPennyHorror Mon 19-Aug-19 22:22:35

I would ensure the dog was not able to enter the child's room. Can you do that? remove the possibility?

LoonyLunaLoo Mon 19-Aug-19 22:31:19

Agree that you should tell SS that the dog can no longer go in his room ( to stop him having to put up with the we of course!).

We had a problem with SS stealing when he was a preteen (difficult to prove but definitely true) and the way we dealt with it was to have no reaction what so ever. So in your case, if he says the dog has weed in his room just say ‘ok’ and clean it up with no other comment, no ‘ oh for god’s sake’ or whatever and definitely no telling the dog off. That way, it will become pointless doing it as he won’t get the reaction he wants.

GeraldineFangedVagine Mon 19-Aug-19 22:39:18

We haven’t told the dog off at all. We have just acted puzzled when he’s told us and cleaned it up. Have blocked access to SS room. I am careful never to let the dog be on her own with any of the children, but particularly now. SS is starting some therapy soon, so we may mention our suspicions to the therapist. I suppose I just wanted to think aloud. It’s pretty unlikely it’s the dog, but I really don’t want to make a mistake and hurt SS. Thanks for the advice.

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Blueskyandsmiles Tue 20-Aug-19 06:47:33

When i was younger we had a Bassett cross, he slept under my bed each night. He was totally house trained but used to wee in my sister's room (nowhere else ever) every night unless her door was closed, if door was closed he wouldnt wee until we let him out in the morning 🤔

Jouska Tue 20-Aug-19 10:21:06

Not that weird it is not unknown for dogs to wee on owners beds or children's beds. Can be down to stress or a misunderstanding of toilet training. If it is a room that they do not go in a lot they can think it is outside of their toilet trained area.

You will need to clean the area with pet enzyme spray eg simple solution if it is the dog it is more likely to wee in the same area again.

Jouska Tue 20-Aug-19 10:23:44

In answer to your question who should you believe obviously I do not know the history with your SS but I am called to a lot of cases of dogs weeing on children's beds so would easily accept that as a possibility.

Can you tell by the smell?

GeraldineFangedVagine Tue 20-Aug-19 10:28:25

Hmmmm, it definitely isn’t cat wee, I’ve eliminated the elderly tabby. It’s very pale and not strong smelling. He has peed all over his own bed and things in the bathroom before. That’s why we have doubts. If I stop the dog going in there he can’t say it’s her and she can’t do it if it is, so that’s a solution. It’s a difficult situation. I don’t care whose doing it but if it is him he obviously needs some support. Thanks for your helpful reply smile

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LochJessMonster Tue 20-Aug-19 11:42:11

Difficult one as its not unheard of for dogs to go into a specific room and pee there even when fully housetrained.
However, with what you have said about your SS, its equally likely he is making it up!

LochJessMonster Tue 20-Aug-19 11:42:43

^ Sorry, I probably win the prize for least helpful answer blush

MrsMozartMkII Tue 20-Aug-19 11:44:44

Tell him you're worried about the dog and will send a sample to the vet so they can do tests on it.

PullingMySocksUp Tue 20-Aug-19 11:45:30

I think you have to act like you believe the SS as it’s remotely possible it’s the dog. But as you have been, don’t tell the dog off.
I would be concerned that the SS is hoping to get the dog in trouble and that he is therefore cruel to it in private. I think you need to carry on making sure he is never alone with the dog.

PullingMySocksUp Tue 20-Aug-19 11:46:22

How old is SS, roughly?

GeraldineFangedVagine Tue 20-Aug-19 11:51:39

SS is 7. He has been unkind to the dog scaring her recently and saying he wishes she would run away and not come back. He has quite a lot of difficulties to be honest, which is why I lean more towards not believing him. I don’t let the dog spend any time with him when we aren’t there. If I said I was worried about the dog and sending a sample off he might be happy as the dog is ‘in trouble’ so to speak. It’s such a hard situation.

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GeraldineFangedVagine Tue 20-Aug-19 11:54:49

Truthfully the dog is not keen on SS or my daughter as they are a bit more unpredictable than us and my older son. My daughter knows how to behave round her, as does SS usually, but she just prefers adults and older children. That’s why it seems strange she would seek him out in his room and pee in front of him.

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Summerunderway Tue 20-Aug-19 11:59:45

Have you an incling dss is doing the weeing?

GeraldineFangedVagine Tue 20-Aug-19 12:14:18

If it is him, I think it’s anger for lots of reasons and jealousy of the dog is probably a big part. I don’t want to describe him or his circumstances in too much detail as it’s a bit outing. I hate the idea he’s so upset he’s soiling his room, but equally I don’t want to blame him if he is telling the truth. I suppose I won’t find out the answer so I just need to stop the dog going in there at all. She won’t care either way, lazy hound spends most of her time asleep on our bed anyway.

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