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DeepfriedPizza Mon 19-Aug-19 14:24:20

No, not in wrong topic hopefully grin

Ddog is 3, we rescued her 2 years ago. Sofa is 3 years old, structurally sound. Ddog sleeps on the sofa, it stinks. It is covered in blankets but it doesn't look very nice and smell still gets through. Washing sofa covers is a ball ache.

Anyway, we are now chatting about getting a leather sofa. Will the smell still linger even if wiped down regularly? Ddog is not a chewer but we are worried about claws scratching the leather.

Does anyone have any advice?

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LochJessMonster Mon 19-Aug-19 14:29:27

Leather sofa is easier to clean, and you can just brush off the hair and wipe off any dirt. Definitely smells less doggy than when we has the material sofa.
However, my dog has scratched it slightly from getting on/off. Blankets would help that though.

mumofthree321 Mon 26-Aug-19 00:57:31

If you search dog sofa covers there are lots on the market. I'm not sure what the make of our is but we put in on our leather sofa - so when they get in from the garden, etc and jump on the sofa it doesn't get mud, dust hair all over it. The ones I've got you just stick in the washing machine.

BiteyShark Mon 26-Aug-19 06:24:04

We have leather sofas. Easy to wipe down but yes we have some scratches in them which could be repaired if I could be bothered as they are only surface scratches.

I did have duvet covers on them at first but found it much easier to keep them clean just wiping down with a slightly damp cloth.

mumofthree321 Mon 26-Aug-19 06:53:35

The smell did still linger on our leather sofas and they get really scratched by their claws. One ended up so scratched it got a hole in it which is why we have really nice brown covers (the same colour) over the bottom cushions now. The top and arms are still seen.

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