First "heat"

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booktrotter Sat 17-Aug-19 12:31:15

Hi our 8 month old puppy has come into heat. We also have a 4 year old neutered dog. Usually the sleep together in the kitchen at night (sofas beside the aga 🙈) My question is, should I separate them at night for their sanity at this time. She was in a crate until she was toilet trained but I'm reluctant to put her back in. We could let the older dog sleep elsewhere but I'm certain she would miss him terribly. It's all a bit of a dilemma! Hopefully a one off as we were planning on having her spayed after she had had a season. Thanks for reading, looking forward to words of wisdom!

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booktrotter Sat 17-Aug-19 12:37:45

How RUDE of me, you need a photo!

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Walney Sat 17-Aug-19 12:49:58

Just to be safe I would separate them when you aren't around at night. It won't last forever and you'll have peace of mind.

They are very cute!

raspberryk Sun 18-Aug-19 16:49:49

If the dog is neutered I don't see the problem in keeping them together?!

Walney Sun 18-Aug-19 18:07:50

Even neutered male dogs can still show interest in females in heat, it's not worth the risk of potentially hurting each other.

booktrotter Mon 19-Aug-19 01:50:59

Thanks everyone. Decided to keep them separate, despite being neutered he is very interested and I think he would torture her at night! Anyway now that's she's come on once I will be making an appointment at the vets to get her spayed.

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booktrotter Mon 19-Aug-19 01:51:50

He has rather turned into a 70's porn star though , the wee pet 🤣

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Jackreacherismyhero Mon 19-Aug-19 02:04:06

Yeah I thought our 12 year old neutered dog would be fine and he was but there was 3 days where he was a randy confused demon as he was neutered before he even cocked his leg so he really doesn't have a clue.

But mostly the issue was her... the brazen hussy! She just draped her arse on his face whenever he lay down and he was so confused!

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