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Dogs on beds

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RevealTheHiddenBeach Fri 16-Aug-19 22:35:25

We have a 16wk lurcher pup who is lovely. She's been sleeping until around 6-7am in a crate in our room, then we get up with her.

This week many visitors have stayed in our house, unsettling puppy a bit. Long story short, she has slept on our bed. She's now sleeping in with us til 9!

Firstly, is it terrible that she's on our bed? Will this impact her when she's in a boarding house when we are away etc. Are there terrible things that will now happen?!

Secondly, is this now the bed that we have made (ahahaha) forever, or are we likely to get her back in her own space at night?

Thanks in advance!

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Ellieboolou27 Fri 16-Aug-19 22:37:40

Lol once she's on the bed it's for life, my boy sleeps on our bed and has done for 11 years, it's not for some but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ylvamoon Sat 17-Aug-19 00:11:52

Consider your bed as history! From now on, the dog will decide how, where and when you sleep!

Fstar Sat 17-Aug-19 00:24:06

Mine has always slept in his bed right at the side of me but when he was ill a few months ago he preferred to sleep on our bed which is a big thing as moving under the duvet freaks him out. Now if i really want him to go down to his own he will but he is old and want him to ve comfy so we put up with him taking 3/4 of the bed

Floralnomad Sat 17-Aug-19 00:27:13

Mine sleeps on our bed until I go to sleep which is anytime between 12:30-2 am at which point I carry him into his bedroom where he sleeps on a double bed . He’s quite happy with this arrangement so you could do similar OP .

Tutlefru Sat 17-Aug-19 00:31:50

I always used to say I’d never let the dog on the bed...

looks at the dog who’s keeping my feet warm at the bottom of the bed grin

MaitlandGirl Sat 17-Aug-19 00:34:43

You’re doomed!!

OhMyDarling Sat 17-Aug-19 00:37:03

I currently have 2 dogs sprawled across my bed snoring their heads off. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thedot90 Sat 17-Aug-19 00:59:51

I love my dog so much, but we made a conscious decision that he would not be a dog/sofa bed - my family dogs have all been the same, and my thought process was firstly about muddy/fox poo dog coming home and jumping on the clean bedding, and secondly that they are very cute and snuggly and smell nice when they are puppies, but when they are a bit older and a bit smellier that we may not appreciate it so much.
I do have moments of weakness (usually Sunday morning hangover when I just want some peace) when he gets a quick cuddle, but I have found it makes life easier when staying in hotels with no dogs on furniture policies, and also visiting friends who aren’t “dog people”.
I wish we could have it both ways, but I just go down to him smile

tryingtobebetterallthetime Sat 17-Aug-19 01:07:13

Doomed to warm dog on bed for ever! Our little guy managed to charm his way onto the bed and hasn't looked back. He is supposed to stay in his little bed at the foot, but as soon as he figures he can get away with it, he commando crawls up between us, hoping to curl up in a little ball between our pillow. DH evicts him but I usually let him be, it seems to mean so much to him. Thankfully he is tiny and non-shedding. He doesn't smell either. And, we have a king sized bed so there is room.

BiteyShark Sat 17-Aug-19 05:40:33

I spent 2 years saying no to BiteyDog being on our bed. Finally caved in a few months back and wish I had done it sooner.

Having a dog snuggled up to you is lovely.

Xraydog Sat 17-Aug-19 08:41:07

Mine sleep on the bed when DH is away. The rest of the time they sleep downstairs in the kitchen. They have no problem with this at all. Sometimes I would rather share with them so we sneak off to the spare room together blush

RIBlue Sat 17-Aug-19 08:52:11

Mine does both quite happily; sometimes on a weekend night or if I’m home alone he’s in with me otherwise he’s on his bed in the kitchen and comes up for a cuddle for 10 minutes before we get up. His preference is obviously on my bed and he does lots of happy sighing and luxurious stretching but also trundles off happily to the kitchen when I say bedtime and point in that direction!

userxx Sat 17-Aug-19 09:01:34

Beware op, those lurcher legs will get longer and you'll be woken up with them sticking in your back pushing you to the very edge of the bed. I know this from experience!

CherryPavlova Sat 17-Aug-19 09:04:41

Dogs on beds are a bit grim. Ours is still crated but manages to come onto the bed when we’re on our boat (crate won’t fit). He very happily spoons and fills the bed with assorted grime for a fortnight at a time then returns to his crate at home. Perfectly doable to swoop thevrules briefly.

adaline Sat 17-Aug-19 12:03:11

Ours has slept on the bed since the day we brought him home - wouldn't have it any other way, the snuggles are the best and he's an amazing hot water bottle!

joystir59 Sat 17-Aug-19 12:12:23

Our Jack Russell started off in his bed, then inveigled his way into the middle of our bed, then took over more and more space until there was a great swathe of bed that was hairy, gritty and off limits. If we moved anywhere near him he growled and nipped us. He then got evicted back to his own bed and has been there ever since and we are all sleeping very well!

whattodo2019 Sat 17-Aug-19 12:14:45

My Jack Russell isn't on the bed he is bloody in the bed!!!!!!

RevealTheHiddenBeach Sat 17-Aug-19 12:37:07

Thanks all. I'm worried about the full sized lurcher legs! All visitors have now left so we are going to try putting her back in her bed-cage tonight and enduring the whining...

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sweetkitty Sat 17-Aug-19 12:41:23

Ours sleeps downstairs on the sofa as she’s far too large to sleep on the bed, I tried to allow her to sleep on the floor next to me but she kept trying to get in the bed. She wants to sleep as close to me as possible and just takes up too much space

PookieDo Sat 17-Aug-19 16:09:50

My dog never slept on beds at his previous owners house but he cried so much at my house that we let him up. To be fair he is small, doesn’t shed and I clean him off if he is dirty although he does smell doggy sometimes (I invest in febreeze for the bed!)
He sleeps at the bottom and is very still and doesn’t disturb you or wake up early. If it’s cold he will come under the duvet and sleep with his body next to yours
I love it blush

Purplecatshopaholic Sat 17-Aug-19 21:00:51

I bought a lovely dog bed when j got him. It quickly became a cat bed as he sleeps in my bed with me (and generally at least one cat). Would not have it any other way

EnidPrunehat Sat 17-Aug-19 21:03:45

I was quite happy to allow my lurcher pup to sleep on my king size bed. He did so until he was 5 months old and already very long-legged and lupine, when he clearly decided that humans were hot, unreliable about moving around and took random and uncomfortable items to bed with them - glasses, TV remote, books, etc. So he quietly moved himself into his own sleeping area (folded duvet on dog mattresses) next to my bed. I must confess I was rather offended at first but actually, it’s more comfortable and certainly a lot easier if sleeping away In accommodation that doesn’t permit dogs on beds.

In my previous experience you can evict dogs from beds but they may take some persuading and may not go quietly.

Teacakeandalatte Sat 17-Aug-19 21:04:36

Love having my dog on the bed. It's a superkingsize bed so we all fit on ok.

missbattenburg Sat 17-Aug-19 21:06:10

Battendog wanders on and off the bed through the night, as he sees fit. Mostly off.

It never wakes me and one night I realised why - he taps the bed in front of him with his paw, gently feeling where my legs are then stepping over them grin.

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