Dog being really needy - how to stop

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ItsalwaysLTB Thu 15-Aug-19 08:55:02

We've had ddog from a pup, she is reasonably well trained and has never been allowed upstairs. We left her with PILs when we went away for ten days (ddog LOVES them) but ever since we've been back she has been really clingy. She'll come upstairs if we are (despite knowing she'll get sent straight back down again) and anytime I sit down she has to sit right on top of me. It just seems a bit out of character so looking for ideas to nip it in the bud.

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converseandjeans Thu 15-Aug-19 09:02:23

Probably if you go away again build up to it. If dog has never been left to suddenly go to bring left for 10 days is a big deal. They're probably worried you'll disappear again.

Floralnomad Thu 15-Aug-19 09:26:08

She is probably worried that you will go off and leave her again ,just because she loves your inlaws doesn’t mean she won’t miss you just as much .

BiteyShark Thu 15-Aug-19 09:30:16

Awww she just missed you grin. Honestly I wouldn't do anything to 'nip it in the bud' as she will eventually realise you aren't going to leave her again until the next time wink

adaline Thu 15-Aug-19 09:31:12

Lots of dogs are clingy - mine follows me around the house all day if I'm at home.

Is it really such a problem that they want to be with you?

ItsalwaysLTB Thu 15-Aug-19 11:32:06

Not a problem as such, just out of character, particularly bad this morning but then I realised I'd left the ironing board out hmm

She stays with them quite a bit, and has been their for a similar length of time but ILs are in a different house now and their dog sadly passed away a few months ago. Wondered if this might have freaked her out as well.

We can't have her upstairs unfortunately due to allergies and carpet. I'll just enjoy the snuggles for a bit then!

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