Bladder stones

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pugmomma92 Tue 13-Aug-19 15:18:00

Hi everyone I'm just looking for some advice or if anyone else's dog has been through this ?

We had our gorgeous pug Reggie back to the vets this morning with another suspected UTI. (Posted on a previous thread)
The vet did a urine dip test , also a few other tests .
We were called into the room and told he has "calcium oxalate dihydrate".
Unfortunately caused by long term use of steroids to control his skin condition sad

The next step is that he is having a X-ray Tuesday morning to determine how big the stones are & if he will need surgery . She said under the microscope she could see tiny stones already forming .
If reggie has surgery he will need scans every 12 weeks after that, to monitor if they are coming back . And either way he will be on a special diet the rest of his life.

We brought Reggie home with anti biotics and painkillers . We were told if he stops urinating all together to take him straight to emergency vets as his bladder could be blocked .

If anyone has been through similar or has any advice or would be greatly appreciated. My fiancé bought Reggie for us after a loss and he has brought me so much happiness through some traumatic times sad

TIA thanks

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