Puppy keeps waking at night

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CJ201 Thu 08-Aug-19 11:47:14

Is this normal? Puppy is 9 weeks old and I've had him nearly a week. He is adorable.

I'm home with him full time and during the day I regularly take him into the garden to go to the toilet. He is then rewarded for going to the loo outside. We've had minimal toilet accidents indoors..

At night he is placed in his unlocked crate at about 10.30pm and he goes to sleep. He's been waking me up at midnight, 3.30am and 5am for toilet, he is telling me he needs to go! So I wake up and take him outside. He is doing the right thing and it's great but I'm so tired!! How long will this last?!

I think I just want some reassurance that this I'm doing the right thing? It's like having a baby again!

Another thing, I'm not putting down newspaper or those toilet pad things in the house because I'm thinking that it will just confuse him?

How does this all sound to you?

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BiteyShark Thu 08-Aug-19 11:52:51

Yes totally normal. At that age they have tiny bladders and haven't yet got good bladder or bowel control.

mumderland Thu 08-Aug-19 11:52:56

Sounds pretty normal and you're doing all the right things. I think our dog did this for a few weeks after we got him, he was up at 5am everyday whining to go out. It is just like having a baby again!

CJ201 Thu 08-Aug-19 12:00:19

Thank you for the reassurance! I texted the breeder we bought him from ( she has encouraged me to keep in touch and ask for advice) and she text me me back to say he should be able to sleep through til 5am, but that's not the case with this little fella, he needs 3 toilet breaks during the night. So, you feel this sounds about right for his age?

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SK166 Thu 08-Aug-19 12:02:30

Pups are like babies - some of them will 'sleep through' from early on, others take a while.

What breed is he?

Unlike babies, puppies do learn very quickly what works to get your attention and I think probably he doesn't need to go out 3 times. Ours did this for the first week or so and when I called the breeder, she said to just take him out once, as he'd only been getting up once with them, so he didn't really need the wee each time, he'd just learned that whining in his crate meant he got let out so he did it every time he woke up.

If you can, try to set your alarm to take him out part-way through the night and just take him out at that time. If he's asleep when you get him up, then set the alarm 15mins later the next night. If he wakes you before that time or has had an accident, then set the alarm a bit earlier for the next night. Little by little you'll be able to move that alarm towards actual wake-up time and a full night's sleep.

The other good tip someone gave me was don't give him breakfast as soon as he wakes up. Wait 20-30mins or so, otherwise he'll build an association and starting waking you early to get his breakfast.

It'll all pass soon enough! Ours sleeps until whenever we get him up and then goes straight back to bed after his breakfast! Lazy nugget.

CJ201 Thu 08-Aug-19 12:05:02

He's a Beagle.

Ok thank you, I shall try this tonight.

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CJ201 Thu 08-Aug-19 12:05:42

Certainly don't want to create a 'habit' I'm exhausted 😴

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adaline Thu 08-Aug-19 19:14:26

Very normal! My beagle couldn't sleep through the night until about 4-5 months old, though he was only waking once from about 13 weeks or so.

As long as he's actually toileting I don't think it's a problem. Just make sure there's no interaction other than praise for going, then straight back to bed.

Any chance of a photo? Mine's 18 months now and I miss the beagle puppy cuteness!

Putanotherwashon Fri 09-Aug-19 01:57:17

My pup is 11 weeks and has been doing the same as yours, up at 1, 3 and 5. Last night she just did 1 and 5. Hoping that wasn’t just a fluke and that she can go longer now she’s bigger.
Have just let her out to pee now and she’s settling back off to sleep in her crate.
Please let her last til morning now!!!

Alicewond Fri 09-Aug-19 02:02:35

A pup that age needs the toilet every 4 hours, that’s why toilet pads work. But they also want attention and given one night they will expect it and need it every night

Shalligo Fri 09-Aug-19 02:04:36

I think we will need photos in order to properly advise.

CJ201 Fri 09-Aug-19 10:33:18

I'll sort out a photo soon! grin

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Aus84 Fri 09-Aug-19 11:34:12

My mini schnauzer was the same for the first few weeks. When he started sleeping through he would last til 5am.

CostaOrProseccoPlease Mon 12-Aug-19 14:07:10

As long as when you let him out in the night you dont give him any attention, just let him do his business and pop him back in his crate otherwise you wont break the habit.

foofooyeah Wed 14-Aug-19 23:15:16

I have a Beagle X. Got him at 9 weeks old and he was very easy to housetrain. I did ùse pads as it was winter when I got him and I didn't really relish the idea of standing in the garden in the middle of the night. He was sleeping through with no mess within 2-3 weeks but think I was lucky.

Looking forward to seeing photo!

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