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Dumbl3d0r3 Wed 07-Aug-19 20:00:39

Hi all,

Please can you help me with timings of the day for your greyhounds? I'm particularly thinking about the mornings. When do you walk/feed/let out to pee? We work which makes it tricky. Here's our plan- please pick holes in it!

630: wake up and let out for a wee
645: breakfast
730: walk

1230: let out for wee (by dog walking company- not a walk though)
12:35: 1/2 bowl of food

16:30: let out for wee
17:00 1/2 bowl of food
19:00 big walk

Would this work? Is it reasonable? Should we only feed at breakfast and dinner, and cut out lunch?

Thanks in advance.

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fourquenelles Wed 07-Aug-19 20:35:53

Good luck getting greyhounds out at 6.30 for a wee if they are warm and comfortable in their beds - the same at lunchtime grin Having said that, all dogs are different.

My 3 old galgos (like greyhounds) go out for a morning wee when I get up to make a coffee at about 7 and then go back to bed until their walk at 1pm. I give them a bonio for breakfast and 1/3 tin meat or a sardine mixed with beaker of kibble at 3.30. They do have treats twice a day too.

As they are old I only walk once a day for 30 minutes. I have booked secure fields so they can go off lead and they do zoomies for 5 minutes then want to come home!

Rescued greys don't need a lot of exercise but do like to poggle and sniff the grass wee on the grass as well as have the occasional zoom.. They really are 40 mph couch potatoes and there a a number of facebook groups that will give advice if you need it.

Hodgeheg3 Thu 08-Aug-19 07:07:27

Breakfast should be after your morning walk, not before, I can’t remember what the gap should be but you need to wait a while after eating before walking to reduce the risk of bloat. Our routine for our ex-racing greyhound is:
6.45-out in the garden
7ish- 30-40min walk

Lunchtime-DH takes him out for a short walk most days. DH works from home so we leave the backside open and our dog mooches in and out and has the occasional zoomie in the garden

4ish- dinner
6.30/7ish-30-40min eve walk.
It’s a bit different at weekends when we often do a longer walk later in the morning but feeding times stay the same. Also, our greyhound seems to like more walks than most, he actively wants to go out and bounces round the hall like a nutter when he knows he’s about to go out. We don’t walk particularly far though, a lot of it is him on a long lead doing lots of sniffing in the park.

Hodgeheg3 Thu 08-Aug-19 10:09:12

My message should read ‘back door’ not ‘backside’?!?! Not sure how that typo happened

Dumbl3d0r3 Thu 08-Aug-19 11:33:21

Thanks both.

So just breakfast and dinner then? She currently gets fed breakfast and lunch at the kennels, but ideally we'd like to drop the lunch and move it to dinner.

Is this feasible?

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Hodgeheg3 Thu 08-Aug-19 14:23:43

Our grey came to us used to breakfast at 8 and dinner at 4 so we just stuck with it. I guess it’s how much of her existing routine you want to keep but it leaves her with a very long gap between dinner and lunch the following day. You could change it when she arrives as apparently they don’t each much the first few days (ours didn’t). Ours also came used to eating alone and won’t eat if there’s anyone standing too near him.

When does your dog arrive? Such an exciting time, we adore ours and he’s completely part of the family after just 3 months.

Dumbl3d0r3 Thu 08-Aug-19 20:56:06

She arrives on Saturday!

I think we'll go with breakfast, and 430 dinner. Hoping she'll adapt to the change ok.

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Dumbl3d0r3 Thu 08-Aug-19 23:08:31

I've got horrific anxiety about all this! Any other posters please?

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Babbabump Fri 09-Aug-19 07:00:40

I have a saluki - hes so lazy and is currently refusing to go out in the rain.

He isnt fussed for a routine and gets up whenever OH starts work and has a walk. Hes a nightmare with eating and grazes a full bowl over the course of the day. We have a dog Walker at lunchtime but I suspect he would be fine without and then he gets a walk when we are home and a we before bed.

They are fabulous dogs - I hope he brings you lots of joy xx

squee123 Fri 09-Aug-19 07:09:03

To minimise bloat risk I think the advics is to feed either an hour before, or half an hour after, exercise

Crimebustersofthesea Fri 09-Aug-19 15:25:32

We've got a grey but I think he's a bit unusual! He usually just gets up when we do (sleeps on our bed blush). On a weekday that's around 7 when I take him for a walk for around 45 minutes before work. DH works at home and gives him his breakfast around half nine. He has lunch around 2 and DH will walk him for around an hour in the afternoon, then its dinner at 8 ish and another 20 minute walk before bed at around 10.30. On a weekend he'll gladly stay in bed until 10 ish, especially if it's cold!

Think we got a broken one though, he loves his walks (unless it's raining, then he's not so keen grin)

OliveToboogie Sat 10-Aug-19 00:25:11

My my grey gets up when I do weekdays 5:30 am, weekend 10.00 am. My boy could sleep for Scotland though. Trying to get him out in the rain is a non starter.

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