I can’t keep doing this!

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Putanotherwashon Wed 07-Aug-19 04:06:18

My puppy is 11 weeks old and she’s been here for 3 weeks now.
In that time I’ve not had a full night’s sleep and tonight has been the tip of the iceberg.
She settled down at 10.30 in her crate, then woke up at 12 so I took her out and she quite quickly had a pee.
She then woke at 3 and again I took her out. She usually goes quite quickly but tonight I stood out for 10 minutes and nothing. I just opened my door to get my umbrella and she ran in and back in her crate.
I shut the crate and left her while I nipped to the loo. She cried and I rather bad temperedly shushed her.
In the 30 Seconds I was in the loo she’s peed all over her bed and all over her pen.
I cried. Cleaned her bed and pen and took her back outside in the rain. She did a poo and is now fast asleep.
She’ll be awake again at 5.30 for the day.
So fed up angry

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QOD Wed 07-Aug-19 04:11:17

Can anyone else take a turn for a night?

Aquamarine1029 Wed 07-Aug-19 04:12:29

What did you expect? This is what puppies do. They're babies, fgs. Did you really not know how much hard work puppies are?

tryingtobebetterallthetime Wed 07-Aug-19 04:12:36

I don't know if this helps, but some dogs hate the rain and really need encouraging to stay out long enough to do their business. I look after my little granddog quite often and he is like that. I have to take him out on leash to get him to stay out long enough to find the right spot. He always does but sometimes I have to be quite firm that we are not going back in until business is done. It is comical really.

itstoobloodyhot Wed 07-Aug-19 04:16:36

It gets easier- stick with it.

We tried to do the whole in crate overnight and ended up bringing the puppy into our room. Only needed one early morning (3/4) toilet visit and from 13 weeks, slept 11-7. They can suffer with separation anxiety and being near you helps them settle.

Icklepup Wed 07-Aug-19 04:41:57

My puppy cried all night until we moved the crate into the bedroom.. then she settled until morning.

Putanotherwashon Wed 07-Aug-19 04:44:35

@Aquamarine1029 helpful thanks!
Of course I expected it to be hard work. Of course I knew I’d be up in the night. Of course I know she’s only a baby.
I’ve only just gone back in my own bed after sleeping in the kitchen with her for the first 10 days.
Thanks @tryingtobebetterallthetime
@itstoobloodyhot and @QOD for your more supportive comments. It’s nice to know there maybe an end to it at some point.
We did try having her in our room but she hated being upstairs for some reason so I moved downstairs to sleep with her.
My DH could take a turn but he has work in the morning so I feel like I should do it really. Plus it’s me she wants generally.
I was just having a rant really, I know there’s no solution other than giving her time.

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QOD Wed 07-Aug-19 04:59:16

My poopy head pup slept thru from about 14 weeks - but we paid to keep her with breeder until 12 weeks lol
She’s nearly 2 and sleeps 12 hrs 😂
On the other hand, took my daughter 11 YEARS to sleep through

Wolfiefan Wed 07-Aug-19 05:10:21

I remember those days OP. Three weeks trying to get some sleep on the kitchen floor before more standing outside and then trying to settle pup again. I was exhausted. And they teethe and chew and have no idea why you don’t want them to pee on the floor.
She’s now heading for three and a complete best friend. It gets easier. How long until you can get out and about and start training? Brain work tires the little buggers out. wink

tryingtobebetterallthetime Wed 07-Aug-19 05:15:42

Keep at it. It will get better. I had my little granddog last night. Think small miniature poodle. It was very hot and he had been away with his young family on a boating weekend with lots of kids. He had been swimming, chasing squirrels etc. Poor little guy was exhausted and I am sure had sore muscles. Between us sleep was a challenge. He would not settle and I was sweltering and fending off a very sweet dog who wanted to lie right next to me and have his tummy and sore muscles rubbed.

But here is the good part. I got dressed and took him out early this morning (I live in an apartment). He knew his mission was business, which he promptly did. We went back in and back to bed. We both slept for two more hours.

They learn. It is all worth it.

Putanotherwashon Wed 07-Aug-19 05:36:14

Thanks everyone. You’ve given me hope! She’s up again now (having had another little whinge at 4.30 (angry).
Breakfast at 6 and then she’ll probably sleep for a bit again.

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katmarie Wed 07-Aug-19 05:45:19

I always say having a puppy was a good practice for the baby we had eight months later. For the first few weeks our puppy slept on a bed on the floor next to my side of the bed. I lost count of the times I would wake up to find her in bed next to me. Not because she could climb up but because my dh is a big softy when it comes to a sad puppy. We also had the problem of her not wanting to go out in the rain and it took a long time to crack toilet training as a result.

I dont recommend cosleeping with a puppy but in so many ways it is like having a baby. Including that it does get better with time and patience and consistency. Mine is 2 years old now and shes my best friend (and my DS's best friend too). Seeing them together now makes it worth all the hard work.

Putanotherwashon Wed 07-Aug-19 05:53:32

Thanks @katmarie. I had my babies before my puppy and they’re 13 and 11 now. They’ve been so helpful with watching the puppy. I don’t know how people manage with puppies and small children!

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tryingtobebetterallthetime Wed 07-Aug-19 05:56:51

I agree no co-sleeps with a puppy. I would not let any dog sleep on my bed unless it was fully house trained and absolutely reliable. Also not until they are healthy, immunized and not suffering from anything like fleas. Which means regular baths. I often think I should never allow it but in honestly I like it. There are few thing I enjoy more than a dog happy to see I am awake and coming up the bed to greet me. Of course, you need room and the dog needs to know who is in charge, and it is not doggie.

Not everyone will agree with me, I know. I am an incorrigible dog softie.

crispsarelife Wed 07-Aug-19 06:08:10

It really does get easier but it doesn't feel like that at the time ! My pup is now 10 months and so much calmer, it's hard to believe she's the same dog!

All the hard work in those early weeks and months now feel worth it but at the time we felt we'd brought home some kind of devil dog!! The nipping and biting was horrendous and toilet training didn't seem to be clicking at all. But with lots of patience and perseverance it worked out and she is turning into a lovely, well mannered and calm little dog.

I have never crated her. I know that seems to be the new popular way, but it's not for me. She has slept by us since we brought her home and has slept through the night from day one (with the occasional night time wee sometimes on the puppy pad. Sometimes not !) , so that side of thing was a little easier as we weren't too sleep deprived !

Keep going , you will definitely be doing much better than you think you are. Good luck !

adaline Wed 07-Aug-19 06:45:02

The early days are really hard - but honestly, put the work in now and it pays off.

Mine is eighteen months now and he's a hundred times better than he was - it's like having a different dog!

Jouska Wed 07-Aug-19 08:40:48

You might imagine that the gaps between needing to go out at night gets longer and eventually they will stop however what I have found is that the puppies just stop needing to go out so your fullnight of sleep may be sooner than you think -hang on in there this too will pass

Putanotherwashon Wed 07-Aug-19 08:44:43

flowerscake for you all. Thanks so much for your supportive, positive and hopeful messages!

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StupidlittlepricknamedRick Wed 07-Aug-19 13:48:56

I remember having a full blown panic attack the night we brought our puppy home. I have anxiety anyway but I was desperate for the dog, she was very much wanted and planned for and the reality of it all hit me like a truck!
I told DH we had made a mistake and I wouldn't be able to cope. It seems silly now looking back!
I promise it gets easier, literally in the same way babies start to sleep longer, establish a routine and get less clingy.
Just hang in there. My dog is 14 months now and all is well.

parrotonmyshoulder Wed 07-Aug-19 14:05:01

I nearly abandoned our puppy in the woods many times when he was little. Obviously I wouldn’t really have done, but certainly entertained fantasies of it. I had a 2 year old at the time too, and then became pregnant. Pup was a rescue that just happened for various reasons.
Anyway, he’s 8 now. And the best dog imaginable. Hang in there.

Blueskyandsmiles Wed 07-Aug-19 15:31:43

We've just got our pup, I think she's fantastic but I'm nervous, there seems so much to learn for her and me, definitely 🍪🍰 all round. It is great to hear things get easier ....I am dreading broken sleep, I'll have to keep reading over this thread for strength

swissmilk Wed 07-Aug-19 22:37:19

That's why I got a rescue. No puppy---- blues/remorse.
I had a dog from a pup before and now a couple of rescues. The rescues were more interesting from the start and I could see their characters and work on adapting them to my household from day one.

Jellyshoeswithdiamonds Wed 07-Aug-19 23:03:22

Taught ddog to go on demand with the word "busy". He got it eventually. Just can't say within his earshot "sorry been really busy", ddog starts looking for the exits.

It's handy when we travel though "go busy", or if unsure why he's mithering "go outside for busy?"

Most handy thing thing we learnt.

Putanotherwashon Thu 08-Aug-19 05:34:34

@Jellyshoeswithdiamonds I’m trying to have a word too. We started with “be quick” but as we were saying it when she peed and then we’re fussing her, she now thinks that means come for a fuss!!
We are now saying “hurry up” and she seems to be getting it a little bit.
Much better night last night thankfully. Only up once smile.
Thanks for all the messages.

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tryingtobebetterallthetime Tue 13-Aug-19 21:21:35

With my granddog I say "do you want to do business?" when I suspect he might. We live in a condo so we have to take him down the elevator and out. He runs to the door if he wants to go. When we are out I encourage him by saying do your business and praise him with "good dog business" when he goes.

We have a routine but he will also sit by the door if he wants to go out. He is a very small dog and quite happy in an apartment. Mostly he wants to cuddle on my lap.

I know it sounds cheesy but it works for us when we are dog sitting.

Good luck with puppy.🐶🐾❤️

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