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Unbearable wind, suspect food, any advice?

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thewildrose Tue 06-Aug-19 19:26:45

My staff bitch is 11 and eats Skinners Field & Trial duck & rice normally, but doesn't usually have a problem with a box of Bakers or other lower quality food if I haven't managed to order in time. I bought a bag of Wagg Working chicken & rice in Tesco at the end of July, intending to buy a big bag of Skinners on payday however I've been unwell so haven't managed to order any until today.

I'm rambling but I think I may have gone insane with the stink of her gas in the last couple of days - has anyone else ever had issues with Wagg Worker in the sense that it causes their dog to stink? It's making me physically sick. I know there is the possibility of parasites or other GI issues but she seems fine in herself, no sign of bloating, no distressed behaviour. I could do without an expensive visit to the vets. Her stools are normal and the usual frequency. I should wait until I've put her back on Skinners before calling the vet, right?

Honestly it's just awful. Any wisdom appreciated.

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Patchworksack Tue 06-Aug-19 19:35:52

Wagg adult (worker not listed) scores 14/100 on all about dog food. It will contain the minimum 4% chicken. Skinners duck and rice scores 66 and actually contains rice and duck as the main ingredients. Back onto decent food and maybe a probiotic for a week or two until her gut settles.

PeoniesarePink Tue 06-Aug-19 19:40:20

It's really harmful to change their food suddenly - really disrupts their gut bacteria and can make them quite poorly. Sounds like you've been lucky it's just been wind tbh.

Go back to the Skinners (adding it to the Wagg over a week), and add in some natural yogurt for a few weeks to give her tummy chance to get back to normal.

missbattenburg Tue 06-Aug-19 20:15:37

Ironically Skinners F&T Duck gave Battendog the absolute worst, slow moving, sticks to your clothes, clears a room, makes you gag wind.

He is on a variety of other stuff now (I change food regularly, suddenly and with no issue) but Skinners is banned grin

I would wait until back on her old food before thinking she was unwell.

thewildrose Tue 06-Aug-19 20:21:46

Thank you for the advice, and yes exactly what I was thinking.

I know it can be bad to switch foods suddenly. I was in hospital and feel awful that I had to put her at the back of the queue in terms of care. I've been lucky with her in the past that she's coped well with switching but not happening again. My nose and stomach can't take it and I realise it's been really unpleasant for her, too.

We've just been out & got back and since she hasn't farted for half an hour or so so fingers crossed on the mend.

Thanks again for the advice and reassurance.

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