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PeoniesarePink Sun 04-Aug-19 22:50:22

Does anyone have any knowledge about these? My dog was attacked 3 times by another in the village, and this vile bastard dog is now subject to a Magistrate control order. But I've noticed they are using a retractable lead with it and I'm still terrified of bumping into them knowing the dog has 5 or 10 metres of lead to approach mine.......I want to report it but thought I'd canvas opinion first.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 05-Aug-19 04:35:33

What is the wording of the control order? I suspect a retractable lead doesn't cut it. It's not as though when the dog is at the full length of the lead that they can easily reel it back in.

They're bloody awful things and dangerous into the bargain - I got a friction burn on my leg from one.

adaline Mon 05-Aug-19 06:32:47

Retractable leads are perfectly legal but being on a lead of any sort doesn't necessarily mean you have your dog under control.

It's a really difficult law because dogs can now be reported for making other people feel scared or threatened - dogs don't need to bite to be classed as dangerous - jumping, lack of decent recall, snarling etc can all be reasons for people to report a dog.

Personally I hate retractable leads and would never use one (we just have rope leads that clip onto his collar) but I think you'd have difficulty reporting someone just because they use a lead.

What do you do if you see him? Can you grab your dog and walk swiftly in another direction or move well off the path to let him past? Cross the road if necessary or stand on someone's drive?

PeoniesarePink Mon 05-Aug-19 13:35:53

The wording on the letter from the Magistrate is "to be on a lead and muzzled at all times in public".

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Nesssie Mon 05-Aug-19 14:42:32

If that's the wording then it would suggest a retractable is allowed. Sometimes they are specific and say 'a lead less than 1 metre in length' etc.

The owners could argue a shorter lead would impact their ability to properly exercise their dog. You (or police or council, whoever made the court application) would have to prove that a retractable lead is insufficient to control the dog.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 05-Aug-19 18:10:29

If they're muzzling the dog at least there is a limit to the damage their dog can do yours. If it's not being muzzled, I would complain.

Putapeonyinyourpocket Mon 05-Aug-19 18:15:45

I would contact who ever it is you reported them to and ask for advice. Retractable leads are ridiculous, our dog although friendly has escaped twice on one so we got rid of it. Once the dog runs and picks up speed, if they get to the end of the tether the handle literally flies out of your grip.


PeoniesarePink Mon 05-Aug-19 19:26:26

The thing is, I don't even think it's being muzzled properly - it looks more like a Halti to me.

The owner just seems to be sticking 2 fingers up - I feel no more in control than when his dog attacked my dog and me. It's been a horrific 12 months and still going on.

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Namaste6 Tue 06-Aug-19 03:42:53

Hi OP - what an awful situation for you and your dog. I completely agree with other posters in that the wording and certainly the intent of the order would be to properly restrain the other dog. Standard lead and a proper muzzle. I would definitely report it.

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