Teacup Yorkies - first haircut

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WelshMoth Sun 04-Aug-19 21:41:20

My DM has got a 5 month old tea cup Yorker. Gorgeous! He has his downy black fur from birth and it's looking really bedraggled. She's having mixed messages re having a trim for him. Is it too early to get him trimmed?

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Teacakeandalatte Sun 04-Aug-19 21:47:07

Photo needed for research purposes!
Im not sure about his hair but behaviour wise the important thing is not to scare him and make sure its a positive experience, will he be going to the groomers? Maybe just take him along and get him used to the place and give him some treats and fuss there.

Nesssie Tue 06-Aug-19 10:25:05

Earlier the better!
Many groomers will do a 'puppy cut' which is really just getting them use to being handled, some of the noises, the brush, having the feet trimmed etc. Its very important they feel comfortable with this early on, to make grooming easier.

missbattenburg Tue 06-Aug-19 10:34:42

Totally agree with the guidance to do it early with a good groomer who offers a puppy cut service.

The groomer I use did the first puppy session for free - which was just a little play in the water and with the hairdryer, on the table etc to get Battendog used to it. Looking back he was about 3 months old for that.

Those early sessions, coupled with a groomer who was patient and took her time, meant he grew up never worrying about being at the groomer. It also gave her a chance to show him what she expected so she helped shaped his grooming training.

It probably took a few sessions before he had a full, proper haircut but it was worth taking our time as he loves his groomer now.

adaline Tue 06-Aug-19 12:01:54

Most groomers do a "puppy groom" which isn't really a groom as such, but more an experience which gets them used to the sights, sounds and smells of going to the groomer. It's important he gets comfortable with his body being touched and moved around by someone who isn't your mum - it'll stand him in good stead for vets visits etc.

PookieDo Tue 06-Aug-19 12:30:03

I have a yorkie x and it is definitely worth getting him used to being groomed. Their faces can get so long (well mine does) so they need to get used to having their faces done for their own benefit!

PookieDo Tue 06-Aug-19 12:33:32

Ungroomed vs groomed! Doesn’t look like the same dog!


WelshMoth Tue 06-Aug-19 17:55:43

Fab advice!!
Thanks everyone.

LOVING the pics ♥️

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