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adaline Mon 05-Aug-19 06:33:54

Mine is 18 months and like this with me...

As soon as I leave the room he mopes and flops about and whines until I get back blush

missbattenburg Mon 05-Aug-19 06:14:07

Yep, I think lots of pups do this - especially those breeds bred to work closely with a human. Battendog did this for about 18 months (gradually decreasing) and visibly pined for me even when kept company by other adults in the house plus two other dogs.

At 2 years old he still occasionally does it, but these days it's only if he thinks I'm off doing something fun he'd like to join in with. e.g. if I've put my walking boots on before going out.

Girlintheframe Mon 05-Aug-19 06:02:16

Pup has obviously bonded with you and see you as his human mum smile.
Our pup is exactly the same. Dh and I both feed ours, walk him, train him and yet I'm still his favourite and I've no idea why.
Ours is 14 months and still my shadow. Was a bit tedious at first but I'm used to it now. Have noticed though that as pup gets older and more confident he is happy to be on his own more and more

Newpupsoon Sun 04-Aug-19 20:24:15

I know I keep asking questions but this one is driving me and my family mad.
The puppy seems to have become obsessed with me the last couple of days. She’s following me everywhere and if I leave the room she cries at the door until I come back in spite of my dh, dd and ds being in the room with her.
She’s nearly 11 weeks and this has only just started happening.
Any ideas?

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