Rescue dog behaviour problems

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Letsbejolly Fri 02-Aug-19 21:05:37

Hi I have adopted a Romanian dog from a shelter. It is a brilliant dog in the house but outside our home it is agressive towards other dogs. How can I help my pet? I have had her since April but she never been near another dog since I had her. Any advice?

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Moondust001 Sat 03-Aug-19 07:09:03

"Aggressive" covers a multitude of sins. Without actually seeing the dog in action, you won't be able to get anything more than guesses. You need to consult a behaviourist or similar. Does the shelter not provide after adoption support - any responsible shelter should have spotted this behaviour, warned you about it before adoption, and should offer follow up support to new owners.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 03-Aug-19 09:12:21

It sounds like your dog may be reactive (technical term)

You absolutely need to engage the services of a properly qualified behaviourist - someone APBC or CCAB accredited. Depending on your insurance, they may cover it.

Unfortunately these behaviour problems are quite common in Romanian rescues, and can be a sod to resolve, but with proper professional support it's usually possible to get to a point where the dog can cope with dogs a short distance away even if they're not going to be playmates.

There's a good group on Facebook called Reactive Dogs (UK) which I'd recommend joining.

FLOrenze Sat 03-Aug-19 15:00:02

I have a reactive rescue and agree that a behaviourist is a good idea. Each reactive rescue is different and a good behaviourist will spend time with the dog before she gives you advice. Ours was worth her weight in gold.

In the meantime, I suggest getting her a warning coat from a company called DforDog. I have a bright yellow one which says, Keep your distance. It can be seen from afar and lots of owners will call their dog or put them a lead when they see her. It also warns parents if children want to approach her. Although my dog is so much better than she was, she is a bit unpredictable. I feel much happier walking her with the coat on.

Saluki12 Sat 03-Aug-19 19:53:43

You dont say how long youv had your dog.if it was a street dog it will have had t defend itself so give it time just be careful when out .my friend had one from abroad and it took a while before she realised she wasn't going to be attacked by every other dog she met. Shes great now

Letsbejolly Sun 04-Aug-19 17:40:27

Hi Saluki

I adopted Ellis on the 13th of April this year. She is terrible with dogs that approach too near. Sometimes she is fine with a dog behind a fence, she will just pass and not growl but not if it is a dog play area then she shows agression. And that means ready to attack. At home she is a model dig, very sweet and quiet. I'm thinking she could have been a guard dog in Romenia but I don't know.

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Saluki12 Sun 04-Aug-19 19:08:48

Well isn't that strange my son is caed ellis.....I would just give her time it's a big change for her my rescue destroyed my kitchen and chewed through a door he also jumped up onto the worktops and cleared the walls of pictures ect.but once he realised he was safe hes been the most wonderful dog you just dont know what's happened to them.


Letsbejolly Sun 04-Aug-19 20:25:47

Dear Moondust, I was told the dog was a bit like a cat, a little standoffisch and possessive over her things. But she did not have toys, it was about the food she did not always want to share. In the cage where she spent about a year (in the shelter) she was with a dog called Lucas and a smaller dog. But since she lives with me she is not good with other dogs at all. I can't let my dog go near another dog. She jumps up to make herself taller, barks and goes in a trance because of working herself up. Thanks for your advice and all the other tips I have been given. I am grateful.

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