Hornets Syndrome (so?)

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noimaginationatall Thu 01-Aug-19 21:45:24

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with their dog having Horners Syndrome.

My lab has recently been diagnosed with this and we have been given options for treatment and wondering which is best.
We have been offered:
1) leave it for 6/9 weeks and see if it resolves itself naturally
2) get a course of anti-inflammatories to perhaps the treat the cause of the nerve damage but this would be blind and possibly ineffective.
3) investigate the cause further by various tests and tracking his vision / unclear of treatment plan after the investigations.

Dog is completely fine within himself. Vet has indicated that some of the nastier causes of this are unlikely because he's a young dog who is not impacted by it at all. He can see clearly and it is not irritating him. It is possible that he has had some sort of bump from playing with another dog - which we know was def the case the day before symptoms appeared.
Obviously going to phone the vet again and seek further advice and cost etc isn't a major concern and he is fully insured - just wondering whether to put him through some fairly intense investigations if it's something that will clear up or could be treated with a course of medication.

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